Aziz Ansari tries pineapple buns in Hong Kong with Nicole Fung of “That Food Cray !!!”

Esquire‘s television network looks to be off to a great start, as it has already launched a bevy of shows with today’s most charming personalities. One of these original shows is entitled The Getaway, which sent none other than comedian and actor Aziz Ansari to Hong Kong to explore.

While there, Ansari met with Nicole Fung, who runs her successful international food blog – That Food Cray !!! – from Hong Kong’s diverse food culture. The two hung out in the bustling Mong Kok neighborhood, where Fung showed Ansari the ins and outs of the Hong Kong breakfast scene. Enjoy the video, and Ansari’s failed first attempt at eating a Pineapple Bun… and learns that ripping apart a pineapple bun will earn you the wrath of the restaurant owner.