hobo x BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS (Japan) White Basics Series

Japanese contemporary label hobo has teamed up with another iconic Japanese brand, BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS on a series of bags. The collection features three all white bags in different styles, including a backpack, a fanny pack and a messenger bag.

Inspired by practicality, the bags are versatile with multiple compartments for organization. Constructed of a lightweight polyester material, the bags are durable and feature hobo’s branding. The series will be available June 9, with prices ranging from ¥10,000 JPY for the fanny pack to ¥13,000 JPY for the backpack and messenger bag.

Head over to its site for more details.

mastermind x Porter (Japan) 80th Anniversary capsule collection

Tracing the 80-year history of Porter-Yoshida

In a recent interview for Port Magazine between David Hellqvist and Porter-Yoshida’s managing director Ken Matsubara, the pair trace the Japanese bag brand’s history and sartorial impact on today’s fashion market.

In the opening paragraphs we are reminded of the bag’s inconspicuous presence and need within modern day menswear, before Hellqvist reveres Porter-Yoshida as one of the pioneering brands to fill this void. Established in 1935 by Kichizo Yoshida in Tokyo’s Kanda-Sudachō district, the brand initially struggled as a result of its placement and timing before experiencing the recognition it holds today with a collection that spans backpacks, satchels, wallets and briefcases all in their signature nylon blend fabric. Despite its success and the allure of transforming into a multi-disciplinary fashion house such as that of Gucci or Prada, Porter-Yoshida has fought to retain its identity and has expanded within its respective field to offer 1,500 bag styles over 130 different sub-lines.

To read the full story and learn about stories such as Kichizo’s first famous bag, head over to Port’s official website.

DENIM BY VANQUISH & FRAGMENT (Japan) Damaged Denim Tote

As a follow-up to the coveted release some two years ago, Vanquish and fragment design reprise their relationship for the new season – iterating a nifty denim tote bag. If anything, Japanese streetwear aesthetics come together in the piece – frayed selvedge denim is adorned with polka dots from the base of the bag, touched with beautiful leather trim, and finished with simple collaborative branding.

Super limited in quantity, pick up this release from DENIM BY VANQUISH & FRAGMENT courtesy of the POOL aoyama.

Head Porter (Japan) 2015 Spring “SHATI” Tennis Bags


Lifelike lion and tiger backpacks from Japan will make everyone who sees you say, “Oh my!”

TB 7

RocketNews 24:


There are two important things to bear in mind regarding Japanese fashion. First is that, since so many people use public transportation, they almost always need some kind of a bag or backpack to carry their stuff in when they go out. Second, after spending all week wearing a mandated uniform or bland business suit, come the weekend, some people are overcome with the urge to express their individuality to the fullest with their clothing and accessory choices.

With that in mind, just about the fastest route away from your button-down Monday to Friday look is to slip on a backpack that’s the exact shape and size of a tiger’s head.

These eye-catching backpacks have been offered for sale by shops in trendy neighborhoods like Shibuya and Harajuku for at least a year. With animal prints being predicted as a popular look this winter, though, interest in them seems to have reached some sort of critical mass, and you can now order them from online retailer Nissen.


TB 1 T

Some people feel a sense of empowerment from wearing animal-print clothing, whether from the image of physical strength associated with the wild beats, or simply the freedom of being openly ostentatious. We’re guessing these bags provide a similar benefit, while also striking terror into the heart of anyone who walks behind you. As a matter of fact, one online commentator was curious about what would happen if you ran into a bear, Japan’s largest native predator, while wearing one of these.

TB 4

In addition to the standard tiger, Nissen also sells a white version.

TB 3

And if the idea of strapping a tiger’s head to your back is just too silly, there’s also the more dignified option of a lion with a stately mane.

TB 5

All three styles can be ordered from Nissen here, priced at 7,800 yen (US $68). Between their closeness in size to the actual animals’ heads, plus their lifelike eyes, the effect of seeing one of these poking out from a crowd of pedestrians on one of Tokyo’s busy streets or intersections can be pretty powerful.

But the primary purpose of a bag is to hold stuff, after all. How will these backpacks measure up on that front?

TB 6

Possibly not quite as well as they do in the looks department. On its website, Nissen describes each as having “a pocket on the back that can easily hold your cell phone, wallet, or other small items.”

Since a pocket that could hold large items would also be able to hold little ones, we’re guessing the exact wording of Nissen’s statement means you shouldn’t count on being able to cram a multi-day safari’s worth of gear into them.

Perhaps to make up for their shortcomings in storage capacity, there is one other unique function the backpacks have. If you’ve got a hook mounted on your wall or door, slinging them over gives you a pretty impressive decoration, making your room look like either a hunting lodge or a posh host/hostess club, depending on the amount of surrounding wood or velvet furniture.

TB 2

Or, in the event that your arms are too tired from having to carry everything that wouldn’t fit in the backpack, you can save yourself the trouble of having to lift it up by tossing it on the floor. Add a blanket, then stretch out luxuriously to relax on your instant tigerskin rug.


Medicom Toy (Japan) 2014 Spring/Summer Bags by FABRICK


Image of Medicom Toy 2014 Spring/Summer Bags by FABRICK
Medicom Toy may be known best for its popular Bearbrick figurines, but the Japanese company also produces useful, original accessories under its FABRICK sub line. This season, the label returns with its latest selection of Spring/Summer 2014 goods, including a new range of eye-catching bag designs. Featured among them is a 100% cotton tote bag featuring PVC handles, a custom, all-over print and a convenient size that’s perfect as a daily carrier for a range of items.
Available in black or red, Medicom Toy’s Spring/Summer 2014 bags by FABRICK — along with other seasonal accessories — can be found now at the HYPEBEAST Store.
Check out this link:
Image of Medicom Toy 2014 Spring/Summer Bags by FABRICK
Image of Medicom Toy 2014 Spring/Summer Bags by FABRICK
Image of Medicom Toy 2014 Spring/Summer Bags by FABRICK

Head Porter (Japan) 2014 Spring/Summer “NASSAU” Collection

Image of Head Porter 2014 Spring/Summer "NASSAU" Collection

Inspired by the West Indies, Head Porter presents its Spring/Summer 2014 bag collection, titled “NASSAU.” Using water-repellent nylon shells paired with soft striped liners, the styles, which include a daypack, tote, shoulder bag and pouch are all reversible with the shoulder bag having an external zip compartment on both sides. Each model is available in your choice of navy, red or seafoam green.

The collection is available now over at all brand locations as well as through the Head Porter webstore.

Check out this link:

Head Porter (Japan) 2014 Spring/Summer “NASSAU” Collection


Seil Marschall canvas paraffin waxed bag for Junya Watanabe Man


Junya Watanabe
German outdoors brand Seil Marschall, a business with 116 years worth of experience behind them join with Junya Watanabe for a Spring/Summer 2014 line with a washed-out workwear vibe. A selection of jackets, vests and accessories – among the products this cotton canvas paraffin bag designed to be worn across the body or on the shoulder.
A zippered closure with plenty of compartments inside, find one here.
Check out this link:
Junya Watanabe
Junya Watanabe

A Bathing Ape x Porter 1ST CAMO TOTE BAG


No strangers to collaborating, A Bathing Ape brings its recognized 1st CAMO design to Porter‘s signature TOTE model for this outdoor reinterpretation of an urban carry-on. The exterior adopts a full display of the hunter-inspired camo patterning, while the inner lining holds a further hunter-esque orange hue with subtle BAPE camo detailing throughout.

The A Bathing Ape x Porter 1ST CAMO TOTE BAG retails for ¥26,040 JPY (approximately $250 USD) and is now available at BAPE’s official webstore.

Check out this link:

A Bathing Ape x Porter 1ST CAMO TOTE BAG