Tokyo Disneyland Hotel set to enchant guests with new character themed rooms


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We all know that the people at Disney are masters of enchantment and magic. Well, it seems they’ve done it again, this time putting their formidable powers of imagination to full use to renovate part of their rooms at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. For the first time since its opening in 2008, rooms at the iconic hotel have been redone and were opened to the public this week. As you might expect, the new rooms indeed look magical, worthy of the Disney reputation for turning fantasy into reality. So, let’s take a look at the lovely rooms designed to make guests feel like they’ve stepped into a Disney story!

Of the 706 rooms in the hotel, 182 have been renovated into new, character-themed rooms, and we have to say the pictures they’ve released are enough to get you feeling giddy and excited, even if you’re not a little girl obsessed with all things Disney.

Here are the three types of character rooms that opened at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel on February 14:

Disney’s Tinker Bell Room

The beautiful world of Pixie Hollow from the film Tinker Bell is recreated in these lushly colored rooms. The decor featuring the large flowers and plants of Tinker Bell’s home in Neverland just might make you believe in fairies again!



Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Room

These rooms are based on Disney’s classic Alice in Wonderland film. The playful and sometimes twisted themes of the movie are evident in the interior and furniture that feature well-known motifs such as the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers and of course, the Cheshire Cat.

ディズニーふしぎの国のアリスルーム (2)

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Room

Disney’s beloved musical film Beauty and the Beast serves as the theme for these rooms. The interior design brings to mind some of the memorable moments from the film, including the scene where the Beast shows Belle his magnificent library and also the famous dance scene in the ballroom. Other familiar characters from the castle also appear as design motifs.



ディズニー美女と野獣ルーム(ベッド) (2)


Don’t the rooms look amazing? We can totally understand if Disney fans are dying to stay in these new character rooms.

Ah, we almost forgot! There’s one more room that’s scheduled to open on March 18, the Disney’s Cinderella Room. Although Disney didn’t have any actual photos of the room in their press release, they did have an illustration showing the lovely blue interior decorated in the color of Cinderella’s ball gown. You’re bound to feel as special as a guest at the castle ball in this room, and the best part is that the magic won’t go away at the stroke of midnight!

▼An illustration of how the Cinderella Room is expected to lookCinderella Room

Naturally, these splendid rooms come at a price: the 47 Tinker Bell Rooms and 63 Alice in Wonderland Rooms, both approximately 40 square meters (323 square feet) in size, are available at prices between 45,200 yen and 75,000 yen  (US$380-$631) per night; the 52 Beauty and the Beast rooms between 51-61 square meters (549-657 square feet) in size are priced from 52,400 yen to 84,300 yen ($441-$710) per night; and the 20 Cinderella Rooms, 71 square meters (764 square feet), will cost from 56,900 yen to 97,600 yen ($479-$822) per night, with prices depending on the dates and number of people staying.

Guests can make reservations up to six months before their expected date of stay. Regardless of the prices, Disneyland hotel rooms are notoriously difficult to book, due to  extremely high demand, and we expect that the competition to get reservations for these new characters rooms will be fierce.

Still, we have to admit the rooms offer a great opportunity to enjoy a break from reality and feel like you’re living in the world of your favorite Disney movie, and that, we guess, is an experience you can’t put a price on.

Amazing Photoshoot: Disney Princesses as Indian Brides!

While I usually write about comic-book heroes, sometimes I’ll see something that I just have to add to the mix. Like this incredible photoshoot of Disney Princesses as Indian brides!Vancouver photographer AMRIT Photography took these photos for South Asian Bride Magazine, showing many of the best-loved princesses in finery from Well-Groomed. I absolutely love seeing the princesses in traditional costumes from different cultures, and the bright colors and jewels of the saris suit them perfectly. There is something very Disney about these gorgeous sweeping skirts, dripping jewels and uber-femininity. Of course, like any good Indian bride, there are none of the wide smiles that we usually see on these princesses (tradition dictates that a bride should appear shy), and it gives them a very elegant and demure look. I would love to see more in this style, whether as another photoshoot or in fan art.



I love the detail in these images – not just the colors and styles that match the original princesses, but the entire set is created to evoke each film. Check out the Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs Potts (and Chip, of course!) and the rose on the table here.



Ok, there may be one thing here that is less than perfect. The re-imagining of Aurora’s dress is pink, and I’ve always been on team blue…ah well! She’s still stunning.



Perhaps they wanted to keep the blue for Jasmine, although this incredible gown is a darker shade than her trademark harem pants and top. I love her headdress, and her hair looks absolutely perfect!



Again, just look at the thought that went into this shoot! Mushu is watching over the warrior princess as always.



Extra points for being one of the few artists to include Pocahontas in her work! Often left out of the official “princess” lists and fan art, it’s lovely to see her included in this shoot.



I know it’s not her real hair, but oh, I wish it could be! The way that the sweep of fabric falls with her long braid is beautiful.



Even Ariel has her sari draped around her to create the effect of a mermaid’s tail.

Snow White

Snow White

Projection mapping coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland

Projection mapping is coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland. Although the theme park’s Once Upon a Time projection mapping show’s first performance hasn’t been held yet, Tokyo Disney Resort has released test footage to whet fans’ appetite for the real thing.

The visuals seen in the video were created using a 1/30 scale mockup of Cinderella’s Castle, which serves as the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland, much as it does at Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

Framed as a story being told by Beauty and the Beast’s sentient teapot Mrs. Potts to her son, Chip, Disney says visitors can look forward to seeing appearances by characters from Alice in Wonderland. In the footage available we can spot the White Rabbit, late as usual, scurrying about his business, as well as the ramparts of the castle being covered in the playing card motif featured in the 1951 film.


Fifty Shades of Beauty: Actress Kristin Kreuk of Beauty and the Beast

Kristin Kreuk has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, from the time audiences fell for her as Superman’s girl-next-door crush Lana Lang in the popular TV series Smallville, to present-day 2013, as star of The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, which is about to start its second season in October.

The Chinese-Dutch Canadian star is finally embracing all sides of herself: leading lady, producer, adventurer, blogger and, yes, even a bit of a fashion plate.

Check out this link:

Fifty Shades of Beauty: Kristin Kreuk of Beauty and the Beast