Burger King Japan’s black burgers are coming to the US just in time for Halloween


Burger King will be celebrating Halloween by putting some terrifying black-colored buns on its Whoppers.

Business Insider:

Burger King Japan‘s black burgers are coming to the US. The burgers, a variation of a type that launched in Japan last year, are rolling out in late October for Halloween, according to a source who works for Burger King.

The sandwiches will feature black buns and a Whopper patty topped with A1 Steak Sauce, cheese, pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion.

News of the burger’s US launch was first reported by a Reddit user claiming to have access to Burger King’s internal website. Unlike the black burgers released in Japan, the US version doesn’t have black cheese or squid-ink sauce.

The black cheese made the burger in Japan look pretty unappetizing. Here’s an ad for the burgers that launched last year:

Black burger Burger King

McDonald’s jumps on the Black Burger Bandwagon in Japan after Burger King

Image of McDonald's Jumps on the Black Burger Bandwagon in Japan After Burger King

In the wake of the veritable media frenzy that followed the release of the now-infamous “Kuro” burger from Burger King Japan, McDonald’s Japan has also released their own variation of the all-black burger. However, McDonald’s seems to have chosen to stage a more discreet release, quietly selling it at three branches in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area.

As part of its Halloween set special, the Squid Ink Burger consists of two beef patties covered in cheese and topped with fried garlic, sandwiched between two buns dyed with squid ink, and is available alongside a white burger featuring chicken fillet and Camembert cheese. However, the Squid Ink Burger differs from Burger King’s “Kuro” burger in that its cheese retains a familiar golden yellow color, and the buns are reportedly a shade of very dark brown rather than black.