Air Bonsai: Levitating magnetic bonsai trees by Hoshinchu


Despite the visual beauty and life-giving nature of plants, there’s always been one main problem with our vegetative friends: plants can’t fly. A small company called Hoshinchu based out of Kyushu, Japan, recently set out to fix the problem that evolution forgot by inventing the Air Bonsai, a system for magnetically levitating small bonsai trees several inches above a small electrified pedestal. The system allows you to create your own miniature Avatar-like worlds with tiny trees or shrubs planted in balls of moss, but is also powerful enough to suspend special ceramic dishes of fragments of lava rock.

Air Bonsai is currently funding like crazy on Kickstarter and is availble in a number of configurations starting with a base DIY kit for $200 that requires you to use your own plants up to more elaborate designs that may only ship in Japan.




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American Bonsai tree nursery Bonsai Mirai has commissioned filmmaker Ryan J. Bush to create a film featuring Bonsai master, Ryan Neil. The Bonsai master has been practicing the craft for over twenty years, perfecting the challenges that come with honing this historic art.

Check out the seven-minute film, and take a look into Neil’s mind and the broad and generally mysterious art of Bonsai tree planting.


‘Ultra-Small’ bonsai plants that only grow to around an inch high


Tiny Bonsai


Laughing Squid:


A recent trend known in the world of bonsai has growers creating plants even smaller than bonsai’s traditionally diminutive size. The “cho-mini” (“ultra-small”) bonsai maintain sizes of under three centimeters (1.1 inches) and are grown in pots the size of a finger tip.


Tiny Bonsai

Tiny Bonsai

Tiny Bonsai

Tiny Bonsai

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‘Ultra-Small’ bonsai plants that only grow to around an inch high