Documentary film on Bill Fong’s quest for bowling perfection

AsAm News/NY Times:

Chinese American bowling champ Bill Fong’s journey to bowling a “perfect series” of 900 (36 strikes in 3 games) has been made into a short documentary film, funded by Kickstarter, by Joey Daoud called The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Toldreports the NY Times.

The 12-minute film captures Fong’s performance one Monday night at the Plano Super Bowl as he bowls strike after strike.  The film also includes comments from Fong’s teammates and friends as they witnessed his quest for perfection.

Fong bowls 5-6 times a week and devotes his life to the sport. After a ten year layoff from bowling, Fong  has promised himself never to quit bowling again.
To see if Fong achieved a 900 series and hear Fong talk about that special night, you can watch the film in the NY Times.

Your son becomes a man in this weird Old Spice commercial

Old Spice makes weird, offbeat commercials…

Its latest “Smellcome to Manhoodad campaign features mothers lamenting that the deodorant/man freshener brand has turned their boys into men. Case in point, this bizarre commercial featuring an Asian guy and his girlfriend at the bowling alley… plus his undercover Asian mom, singing “Old Spice! Look what you’ve done!”