Street Art: POW WOW! Taiwan- Summer Episode Video

Back in September, Hypebeast published a write-up about CANLOVE, the artistic duo comprised of DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez dedicated to transforming empty spray cans into the very thing they’re used to produce: art.

Over the summer, POW! WOW! Taiwan and Fubon Art Foundation enlisted their help to create colorful installations out of 900 discarded canisters, all painstakingly collected by volunteers post-festival. In October, a quick 30 second trailer to a short called the Summer Episode was released, which offered a glimpse of Neff and Ramirez at work, plus a few shots of some murals. The full clip is now up online, and not only does it feature CANLOVE cutting and spraying away for the project, but we also get brief commentary from artists Will Barras and Reach about their thoughts and experiences painting large walls.