Preorders finally start for Cat Ear Headphones

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RocketNews 24:

Last summer, were you one of the many people who screamed “Shut up and take my money!” when we brought you news of the prototype cat ear-shaped headphone/speakers from recent startup AxentWear? If so, your harshly worded enthusiasm has been rewarded, as preorders have at last begun for the futuristically feline gadgets.

Back in June, California-based startup Axent Wear was preparing for its crowdfunding campaign through website Indiegogo. Given the amount of buzz/meowing the concept artwork alone had generated, we predicted University of California Berkley graduates Victoria Hu and Wenqing Yan would have no trouble getting the resources they needed, and we were right. The pair set their original target at US $250,000, but ended up raising more than 10 times that amount, eventually ending up with US$2.9 million to fund their endeavor, thanks in part to the pitch video they produced, and, we like to think, because of certain awesome news sites that helped get the word out.

If you’re the kind of person who’s keen to strap on what looks like a pair of cybernetic cat ears in public, odds are you’re not the ultra-introverted type. If you’re interested in sharing not just your fashion sense but also your taste in music with those around you, the ear portions of the headphones also function as speakers.

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▼ The unit being equipped with LED accent lights is also sure to get you some extra attention.

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Axent Wear officially announced the headphones would be going into production last November. Until now, they were only available through the company’s Indiegogo page, found here. As of this month, though, they can also be ordered here through Japanese retailer Domore Shop, in your choice of blue, red, green, or purple.

Granted, Domore’s 27,000-yen (US$225) price tag is a little higher than the $170 Axent Wear quotes on its Indiegogo page. Domore’s expected delivery date of September 2015 is also a couple of months behind Indiegogo’s estimated April.

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Price and delivery quibbles aside, though, we’re happy to see Axent Wear’s distribution network grow as large as it can. After all, given that a year ago there wasn’t even a single place where you could buy these awesome cat ear headphones, we think it’s pretty cool that now there are two.

Felinephonic: New cat-ear headphones let you share your sound

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RocketNews 24:   Even if you’re more of a dog person, there’s no denying that neko-mimi have a cuteness all of their own. Knowing this, the creative folks over at Axent Wear, an independent startup now just weeks away from launching a Kickstarter campaign, are hoping to bring cat ears into consumers’ lives in a way that is both cute and functional with a product that’s sure to put a smile on your face and spring in your step. Introducing: Axent Wear cat-ear headphones. Currently still a prototype, these unique headphones are designed to introduce a little extra style and individuality to typical headwear. Featuring chunky over-ear cans, headband-mounted ear-shaped speakers and brightly coloured LEDs, these headphones are sure to attract a lot of attention when worn in public, and when they do you’ll be able to share your tunes with a mere flick of a switch.


▼ The prototype really is the cat’s meow. Or should that be mimi?

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.27.40 PM Formed by Berklee graduates Wenqing ‘Yuumei’ Yan and Victoria Hu, Axent Wear came into being when a sketch Wenqing drew back in 2009 received an enormous amount of positive feedback online. Inspired by the comments and excitement the picture generated, Wenqing and her friend set out to make the headphones a reality. Though we’re still a little way from being able to slip on a pair of these musical mimi for ourselves, Axent Wear is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign and take preorders sometime in the next couple of months, and with their Facebook page having already received over 50,000 likes, chances are it’ll be a huge success. Details about available styles are still thin on the ground at this stage, but judging from their stylish concept images, Axent Wear can be relied on to make a product that looks as good as it promises to sound.   Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.45.45 PM gallery_1-7543ea27774b834f4c30d5b077e11c6a cats For more information and to get a heads-up as soon as the crowd-funding campaign goes live, sign up at Axent Wear’s homepage. Alternatively, you can leave questions, comments and feedback on Tumblr or Facebook.   Check out this link: