Michelle Krusiec cast in James Wan’s new “MacGyver” reboot pilot for CBS

Angry Asian Man:
Michelle Krusiec has been cast as a series regular in the CBS drama pilot MacGyver, executive producer James Wan‘s reimagining of the classic 1980s action/adventure series.

Krusiec will play a character named Agent Croix, who works for the Department of Homeland Security.

The original MacGyver, which ran for seven seasons on ABC, starred Richard Dean Anderson as a resourceful top agent for the Phoenix Foundation, who never carried a gun and drew on his genius scientific knowledge to thwart bad guys and get out of jams.

The new series, co-written by Paul Downs Colaizzo and Brett Mahoney and directed by David Von Ancken, centers around a twenty-something Angus MacGyver, who is recruited into a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.

The pilot is produced by James Wan, alongside the original series’ creator Lee David Zlotoff and executive producer Henry Winkler, as well as Colaizzo, Mahoney, Ancken and Michael Clear.

Krusiec has upcoming recurring role on the CBS cop drama Hawaii Five-0, and can be seen in the indie feature The Invitation, which opens in limited theatrical release on April 8.

A first look at the new Rush Hour tv series on CBS

Angry Asian Man:
CBS recently released the first trailer for its upcoming Rush Hour TV series, based on the mega-popular Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movie franchise of the same name. For the small screen adaptation, the one-hour action drama comedy stars Jon Foo and Justin Hires as by-the-book Hong Kong detective and a maverick LAPD detective who knock heads they they are forced to partner together.
CBS: “Detective Lee (Jon Foo) is a reserved, honorable master martial artist with lightning-fast moves who comes to L.A. to avenge his sister’s alleged death and learn more about her connection to a Chinese organized crime ring. Detective Carter (Justin Hires), on the other hand, is a wisecracking cop who plays by his own rules and has never wanted a partner. As exasperated as Carter’s boss, Captain Cole (Wendie Malick), gets with him, she knows he’s a brilliant detective who gets results. Attempting to help the two get along is Sergeant Didi Diaz (Aimee Garcia), Carter’s friend and former partner who doesn’t hesitate to call him out on his antics. But even as cultures clash and tempers flare, Carter and Lee can’t deny they make a formidable team, and grudgingly admit that sometimes an unlikely pairing makes for a great partnership.”

 Rush Hour is set for a mid-season premiere, so look for it on the airwaves in early 2016.

Jon Foo cast in Jackie Chan role in CBS’ TV adaptation of Rush Hour franchise

Deadline/ComingSoon.net/Angry Asian Man:

The 1998 Rush Hour movie helped make Hong Kong film star and martial arts wiz Jackie Chan a household name in America, jumpstarting a successful Hollywood career. Now CBS’ TV adaptation of the hit movie franchise is looking to do the same for Jon Foo, who has landed the Detective Lee role played in the movies by Chan.

Written/executive produced by Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick and directed/exec produced by Jon Turteltaub, CBS’ Rush Hour pilot centers on Lee (Foo), a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer assigned to a case in Los Angeles, where he’s forced to work with a cocky black LAPD officer, Carter (originally played by Chris Tucker), who has no interest in a partner. A top detective with the Hong Kong police department, Detective Lee is a dedicated professional and master martial artist, a man of few words who knows how to get the job done.

The movies’ director Brett Ratner and producer Arthur Sarkissian also executive produce with Jeff Ingold for Warner Bros TV and Lawrence’s studio-based Doozer. Ratner directed three Rush Hour films between 1998 and 2007 with Chan headlining opposite Chris Tucker in all three. Combined, the three films grossed more than $850 at the worldwide box office.

Like Chan, British actor Foo, who is of Chinese and Irish descent, is a trained martial artist who has done stunt work and built a resume as an international action star. In the U.S., he is probably best known for his role in the 2010 feature Tekken.

Foo is trained in a variety of martial arts styles and is also well known for playing Ryu in the fan film Street Fighter: Legacy.


‘Rush Hour’ TV series in the works at CBS with pilot production commitment


CBS is hitting Rush Hour traffic, landing the high-profile series adaptation of the blockbuster movie franchise with a pilot production commitment. The hourlong action comedy, written/executive produced by Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick and executive produced by the movies’ director Brett Ratner and producer Arthur Sarkissian, was taken out to the broadcast networks this week by Warner Bros. TV.

CBS pursued it aggressively just as it recently did with another big WBTV package,Supergirl, which received a series commitment.

The show will stay close to the movies’ premise, which paired a by-the-book Hong Kong cop with a cocky black LAPD officer who want nothing to do with each other. I am fairly certain the movies’ original stars, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, will not have anything to do with the show.
Written by Cougar Town co-creator Lawrence and the series’ executive producer/showrunner McCormick, Rush Hour is staying close to the premise of the original movie, with a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer (played in the features by Jackie Chan) assigned to a case in Los Angeles, where he’s forced to work with a cocky black LAPD officer *originally played by Chris Tucker) who has no interest in a partner. WBTV and Lawrence’s studio-based Dooxer are producing, with Lawrence, McCormick, Sarkissian and Ratner exec producing alongside Doozer’s Jeff Ingold.

Fall network TV shows star more Asian Americans




Asian Fortune News:


The number of Asian American actors on network television shows will increase this fall season. John Cho will star in ABC’s comedy “Selfie,” which is described as a modern version of “My Fair Lady.” On CBS, Kal Penn will appear in “Battle Creek,” a show about detectives working in a small town, and Maggie Q was cast in a new thriller entitled “Stalker.”

A new comedy show based on chef Eddie Huang’s memoir will be on ABC and is the first sitcom in two decades that focuses on an Asian American family. “Fresh Off The Boat” will star Randall Park and Constance Wu and features the culture shock 12-year-old Eddie experiences after moving to Orlando from D.C.’s Chinatown. In addition, CBS picked up “Scorpion,” which will be directed by Justin Lin, who is known for the “Fast and Furious” franchise.


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Fall network TV shows star more Asian Americans


Asian American YouTube filmmaker Freddie Wong gets development deal with CBS


Never heard of the blockbuster film “Video Game High School“? You’re forgiven. The 2012 movie drew more than 40 million views in its first three months, but it didn’t play in theaters.

Instead, the film became a sensation on YouTube, where it was shown in nine chunks, each between 10 and 20 minutes long. And while that chopped-up approach may appall traditional filmmakers, it’s exactly how you launch and promote an online movie in a world where young people, eyes glued to their phones, would rather watch YouTube than almost anything on TV.
Hollywood has taken notice. Lions Gate (LGF) announced Monday that it’s partnering with RocketJump, the company behind “Video Game High School,” to create videos for film, TV and online viewing. Financial terms of the partnership were not released.
The news was a triumph for RocketJump’s founders, most notably Freddie Wong, who creates and stars in many of the company’s online shorts. It’s also one more sign of YouTube’s growing influence within the entertainment industry, which is panicked at the thought of blowing millions on big-budget flops like “After Earth” while an upstart online flick about video gaming becomes a hit with the kids.
RocketJump’s avid fans are exactly the market Lions Gate wants, too. This is the studio behind “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” franchises, and “stood out as the one studio that really gets our brand,” Wong said in a release announcing the partnership.
While YouTube played a huge part in RocketJump’s success, Wong was able to draw viewers to his own website by releasing videos exclusively there for one week. As a result, he was able to make more money as well as sell shirts and other merchandise.
It’s hard to sell merchandise off YouTube,” Wong told TheWrap. “When you have a home and create a brand people believe in and want to support, it makes it easier for you to control merchandise and sell it.
Wong cultivated that brand carefully by releasing a wide variety of video shorts, from shooter-heavy action sequences to semi-romantic comedies. And Wong carefully built up the business end of RocketJump, with custom advertising, a loyal audience and a website to control distribution.
Is this the new Hollywood? Not exactly. Movie studios are still going to make the big money with tentpole hits like “The Avengers” series. But hooking up with YouTube creators like Wong gives Hollywood some much-needed diversification and one more way to reach younger audiences. If RocketJump can turn out a box-office sensation down the road — combined with a savvy Web presence, merchandising and cross-platform franchise potential — Lions Gate is paying up now for an early seat at the table.
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Creator Freddie Wong (R) and director/writer Matt Arnold attend the “Video Game High School” season two premiere party at YouTube Space LA on July 24, 2013, in Los Angeles.

Kal Penn to star in TV drama ‘Battle Creek’


House alum Kal Penn is reuniting with hit medical drama’s creator David Shore on Battle Creek. Penn is the first actor cast in the high-profile CBS series from Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Shore.

The project, from Sony TV, centers on a detective and an FBI agent with very different world views who are teamed up to clean up the semi-mean streets of Battle Creek, MI. Penn will play another local detective who initially has reservations about the newly arrived FBI agent. Penn, repped by Gersh, Industry Entertainment and Michael Fuller, explored multiple pilot offers before setting onBattle Creek because of his relationship with Shore on House where Penn co-starred for two seasons before leaving for a position in the White House.

Battle Creek brings him back at CBS where he starred on comedy series We Are Men this past season and previously recurred on How I Met Your Mother. Originally created by Gilligan at CBS in 2002, Battle Creek was tweaked by him and Shore. The two executive produce, with Shore serving as showrunner.

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Kal Penn to star in TV drama ‘Battle Creek’


Justin Lin to direct drama pilot “Scorpion”

CBS has given a pilot order to Scorpion, a drama from Nick Santora, Justin Lin, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci. The project, which had a put pilot commitment, was written by Breakout Kings co-creator Santora and will be directed by Fast & Furious’ Lin, with CBS TV Studios producing. It centers on an eccentric genius and his international network of super-geniuses who form the last line of defense against the complex threats of the modern age.

Scorpion was inspired by the true story of Walter O’Brien (hacker name “Scorpion”), CEO of global think tank Scorpion Computer Services. A man with one of the world’s highest documented IQs (1 in 1.5B people), O’Brien became a real-life Professor X and recruited and trained other geniuses from around the world to work together to save lives and solve problems from casino security to Military Drone warfare. Executive producing Scorpion are Santora, Lin, O’Brien, K/O Paper Products’ Kurtzman, Orci and Heather Kadin and SB Prods.’ Scooter Braun, with SB’s Danny Rose and Danielle Woodrow of Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment co-exec producing, and SB’s Scott Manson and Perfect Storm’s Troy Craig Poon producing.

This is a second pilot order this season for CBS TV Studios-based K/O, along with terrorism drama Identity at the CW.

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Justin Lin to direct drama pilot “Scorpion”


“How I Met Your Mother” faces Twitter backlash after putting a character in Yellowface

Monday’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS continued an ongoing joke about a slap bet between Marshall and Barney. In order to win the bet, and give the best slap to Barney, Marshall explains he learned the “Slap of a Million Exploding Suns” by seeking wisdom from three great masters.

It turned out these supposed wise ones were played by Marshall’s friends — Colbie Smulders, Josh Radnor and Alyson Hannigan — in yellowface. People went to Twitter with #HowIMetYourRacism to takedown the episode.


I used to watch @HowIMetMother but I now refuse to and hope they apologize for yellowface. #HowIMetYourRacism


#HowIMetYourRacism Hey, Katy Perry called and wants her costume back. Oh wait, she stole hers too.


So I watched @HIMYM_CBS and was disappointed. Then I came on Twitter and saw #HowIMetYourRacism. Good job, Twitter.


Really, #HIMYM?? You couldn’t even bring yourself to hire Asian actors for this? http://t.co/oUdTXneCe6 #HowIMetYourRacism@CBS


@CBS #Yellowface doesn’t get you better ratings, it just makes people want to boycott your network #HowIMetYourRacism


I’m not surprised about #howimetyourracism and #yellowface on@CBS. The network’s name warned us that we’ll see BS.


I remember the very first episode of HIMYM where Middle Eastern women (lebanese to be exact)were deemed as sexual objects #HowIMetYourRacism


@humancity @suey_park #HowIMetYourRacism – when a show’s cast has no People of Color – racism will surely make cameo appearances


people are already claiming asian american’s are overreacting. demanding to be treated w/ decency is never overreacting.#HowIMetYourRacism


How I Insulted & Alienated Asian Americans? How I Was A Complete Jerk? How I Cheaply Exploited Others?#HowIMetYourRacism @HIMYM_CBS @CBS




I thought the transphobia in #HowIMetYourMother was bad enough. An entire episode of yellowface? Really? #HowIMetYourRacism


Disturbing takeaway is that it’s somehow acceptable—safe, even—to do racist Asian jokes. It’s not edgy cable, it’s CBS.#HowIMetYourRacism


#HowIMetYourRacism our race and cultures are not convenient costumes, punch lines and terrible story writing for @CBS‘s#HIMYM


Yeah, seriously, that episode of #HIMYM was so bad I turned it off. I couldn’t stomach it. #HowIMetYourRacism


Besides the gross orientalizing of the women, Ted wore a fucking Fu Manchu stach! Who thought this was ok? @HIMYM_CBS#HowIMetYourRacism


If you’re going to make fun of Asian people and kungfu, at least use Asian actors on your show instead of whitewashing it#HowIMetYourRacism


“I cant think of any jokes to write tho thats my job. I found an ethnic costume in the cupboard.” HIMYM writers meeting?#HowIMetYourRacism


#HowIMetYourRacism–>”@brokeymcpoverty: uh oh.@literalpornWHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR WHOLE WRITING STAFF IS WHITE @CBS ”


I thought the transphobia in #HowIMetYourMother was bad enough. An entire episode of yellowface? Really?#HowIMetYourRacism


…outdated, overdone, not to mention UNFUNNY racial, ethnic, gender, sexual stereotypes. #HowIMetYourRacism#HowIMetYourMother


HIMYM better get it to together. Who the hell thinks it’s ok to do racial caricatures for laughs in 2014?! #cbs#HowIMetYourMother


Didn’t we agree that Mickey Rooney’s yellowface is an embarrassment that ruins Breakfast at Tiffany’s?#HowIMetYourRacism


Maybe @HIMYM_CBS was trying to appeal to Asian-Ams by “appreCiATINg our CULtuRE!” Congrats. You miserably failed.#HowIMetYourRacism


#HIMYM has always strained too hard for cheap boring laffs, but these Asian stereotypes (see #HowIMetYourRacism) are just…yeesh.


This is what happens when there are no PoC in the writer’s room. No cultural accountability. #HowIMetYourRacism


Watch @CBS pull an #SNL and hire one asian writer…for the remainder of a dying season. #HowIMetYourRacism


Let’s put this in stone shall we? White people cannot be “Asian” to “honor” the culture ever again starting in 2k14.#HowIMetYourRacism




So disappointed in @HIMYM_CBS/@CBS. Way to mock a culture for cheap laughs. #HowIMetYourRacism #LazyAssWriting


Yellowface and stereotypes about Asians happen a lot in media. But now the internet is blowing up and mobilizing against#HowIMetYourRacism


Update — Jan. 15, 6:45 p.m. ET: “How I Met Your Mother” co-creator Carter Bays has responded to this criticism on Twitter:

Hey guys, sorry this took so long. @himymcraig and I want to say a few words about #HowIMetYourRacism.

With Monday’s episode, we set out to make a silly and unabashedly immature homage to Kung Fu movies, a genre we’ve always loved.

But along the way we offended people. We’re deeply sorry, and we’re grateful to everyone who spoke up to make us aware of it.

We try to make a show that’s universal, that anyone can watch and enjoy. We fell short of that this week, and feel terrible about it.

To everyone we offended, I hope we can regain your friendship, and end this series on a note of goodwill. Thanks. @CarterBays@HimymCraig

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