Coca-Cola giving away specialty bottlecaps in Vietnam to promote reusing their plastic bottles


RocketNews 24:


You have to hand it to Coca-Cola. Despite being the best-selling cola brand and one of the biggest companies in the world, they certainly don’t seem to rest on their laurels. Like a hungry up-and-coming business, they’re always coming up with new gimmicks in each of the 200 countries they operate in, whether it be personalized bottles in Japan or, like now in Vietnam, a set of functional caps which can transform your empty bottle into a water gun, pencil sharpener, night lights and more after you’re finished with it.

In the commercial for the Coca-Cola 2nd Lives campaign the company mentions that it is giving away 40,000 special bottle tops in Vietnam and then other places in Asia. The idea is to encourage people to reuse their bottles in both fun and useful ways.

There are sixteen different types of caps, such as:

1 – Water Guns

2 – Paint Brush

3 – Pencil Sharpener

4 – One of those spinny toy drum type things

5 – Spray Bottle

6 – Soap/Shampoo Dispenser

7 – Laundry Detergent Bottle

 8 – Weights

9 – Night lights

10 – Various Condiment Dispensers

11 – Bubble Blower