Japanese “Precision Walking” competition

Shuudan Koudou’, which means ‘collective action’, is a competition where teams of men and women outperform each other in a series of complex and unbelievable synchronized walking routines – similar to those of military movement exercises. The tradition dates way back to 1966, and thousands of spectators flock to Japan’s Nippon Sports Science University to see the amazing display of human precision and discipline.

Average total distance they walk? 1,200 kilometres. Roughly the distance between New York and Chicago.


Japan’s juke scene gears up to go foot to foot with Chicago

Footwork is a lightning-fast style of dancing that goes hand in hand with an equally frenetic genre of electronic music called juke, the most recent variety of Chicago house. As the dancers warm up and a crowd gathers, the DJ starts dropping tunes from overseas juke favorites such as DJ Rashad, RP Boo and Traxman.

Competition is a welcome part of the scene, and it’s in full effect at Battle Train Tokyo. During the competition, the dancers get in each others’ faces and the audience doesn’t shy away from rewarding talent with more applause.