Design: Laser-cut seaweed for sushi rolls




To help boost the weak sales of Japanese nori manufacturer that was affected by the 2011 tsunamiI&S BBDO, a Japanese ad agency, developed a series of intricately laser-cut seaweed. Each sheet from “design nori” series – Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), Mizutama (Water Drops), Asanoha (Hemp), Kikkou (Turtle Seashell), and Kumikkou (Tortoise Shell) – is based on Japanese history or symbology and represents happiness, good fortune, and longevity.

“Japanese people are eating less seaweed than before and I wanted to do something about the decline in demand, make some waves in a positive way. I wanted people to know how interesting and appealing seaweed is, not to mention delicious,” said the creator and Seaweed Shop owner Umino Hiroyuki.

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Design: Laser-cut seaweed for sushi rolls