Dogs photograph their owners with beautiful, heartwarming results


RocketNews 24 (by Oona McGee):

These owners were in for a happy surprise when they discovered their dogs were their photographers in this professional studio photo shoot.

But what if our pets could photograph us? That’s the topic of a new ad from Mars Japan, who produces some of the country’s most well-known pet foods and pet care products. Enter the “Phodographer”, pups taking photos by pressing the shutter button of a specially modified camera.


Canon releases a video camera that goes to 4,000,000 ISO

Japanese photographic giant Canon has released a multi-purpose camera that goes all the way to 4,000,000 ISO. With an image sensor restricted to 2.26 megapixels, a price-tag of $30,000 USD and no internal storage, the camera is undoubtedly only to be used by specialists in very specific situations. Ideal for capturing full color in extreme low light, for nature photography or surveillance, the new ME20F-SH is explained in more detail in the video above.

Fujifilm unveils the X-T10 camera

Ricoh’s new Pentax K-3 II includes a Pixel Shift Mode

Ricoh has just unveiled its Pentax K-3 II, a semi-pro DSLR that boasts improved image stabilization system that implements a Pixel Shift Resolution feature, minimizing false color. In terms of specs, the camera mimics its predecessor’s 24 megapixel sensor, 27-point AF system and durable construction. However, updates include a sensor-shift IS and 4.5 stops of shake reduction to complement the built-in GPS and gyro-sensor based panning detection and automatic horizon correction. Unfortunately, this iteration no longer includes a built-in flash.

The camera will be available in May for a retail price of $1,100 USD.

Sony’s new Cyber-shot compact cameras will include a Superzoom Lens

Canon unveils the XC10 4K Camcorder

Canon just announced a slick new piece of hardware for all the budding filmmakers out there. The XC10 is a compact, 4K video camera that can shoot full, cinema-grade Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) to a CFast or SD memory card. Some of the other features include a 1″ 12 megapixel sensor; fixed 10x optical zoom lens with built-in image stabilization; a tilting, touch-enabled LCD display; and an optical viewfinder loupe attachment. It also performs extremely well in low-light thanks to a 20,000 ISO option.

The Canon XC10 4K Camera will release this June for a reported (and attractive) price tag of $2,500 USD.

Nikon 1 J5

Nikon is normally better known for its DSLR range, but its 1-series mirrorless cameras have been making headlines lately for its capabilities. Its midrange mirrorless J-Series sees a new entry with the J5, which sports a more upscale and classic look than its predecessor, the J4.

Featuring a classic brushed silver body, complemented by a faux leather grip all-around for better hold, the camera looks classic and high end. In terms of the specs, the J5 uses a 1″ type sensor and 13 CX-mount lenses. An FT1 adapter can be used in order to use F-mount lenses. the J5′s sensor sees an improvement to 20.8 MP. In general, the updated J5 is more advanced than its last iteration, with impressive specs at a starting price of $499 USD.

For more information, check out Digital Photography Review here.

Xiaomi (China) introduces GoPro-style camera, the “Yi Action Camera”

Chinese tech company, Xiaomi, is back with another offering in its ever growing array of devices to complement your life. This time around, the company is offering a GoPro-style action camera that provides a quality alternative, and as usual, for a fraction of the price. A Hero, GoPro’s entry level camera, retails for $130 USD, whereas the Xiaomi “Yi Action Camera” retails for ¥399 CNY, approximately $64 USD.

TheXiaomi alternative trumps the GoPro Hero in more than just the pricing, recording at 1080p (60 frames per second) and boasting 16-megapixels using Sony’s acclaimed Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensor, compared to the Hero’s 1080p30 or 720p60 and five-megapixel camera. The Yi Action Camera also trumps the Hero in memory, featuring a 64 GB allocation which is twice as large, and in size, coming in at a lighter 72gcompared to 111g, all the while incorporating a slightly larger battery. Like the Hero, the Yi Action Camera can go up to 40m underwater.

Much like Xiaomi’s other offerings, the camera can be remotely controlled by its smartphone apps, but the enticing alternative comes with the standard caveat of usual Xiaomi offerings, being only available in China through the website using the company’s flash sale model.

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