Sony’s latest target market for its $1,100 ‘Digital Paper’: legal researchers



Sony‘s still searching high and low for the kind of folks that need a replacement for regular paper and aren’t too worried about the cost ($1,100). The latest potential buyers (after lawyers and HR departments) of its 13.3-inch E Ink Digital Paper?

Legal researchers. Sony’s teamed up with William S. Hein & Co. (which runs the LexisNexis-like HeinOnline database that gives access to documents from legal libraries) so anyone who uses the device can pull from its more than 100 million pages and see them just as they were originally laid out, without zooming or scrolling. It’s still a pretty pricey upgrade from tech that’s worked effectively for around 2,000 years, but legal librarians and law students can probably do without the reams of paper they’ve been printing out until now.


Sony 13-inch Digital Paper


Image of Sony 13-inch Digital Paper

Following last year’s demo, Sony will finally be unveiling its 13-inch Digital Paper device this May. Weighing just 12.6 oz, the device features a high-resolution 1,200 x 1,600, 16-level grayscale touchscreen display, complete with a stylus for those who prefer a pen-like feel. Furthermore Sony is claiming that the Digital Paper will offer a three-week battery life with both AC and USB charging capabilities. Additional features include 4GB of memory, and the ability to load documents over WiFi.

All this won’t come cheap, as Sony will be charging $1,100 USD for each device. Stay tuned for the official release of the Sony Digital Paper in the coming months.


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Sony 13-inch Digital Paper