Japanese hobbyist Satoshi Araki’s incredibly detailed and lifelike dioramas

My Modern Met:

Japanese hobbyist Satoshi Araki creates painstakingly-detailed dioramas at an incredible 1/32 and 1/35 scale. And, what’s even more impressive is that he does all of this work at night, after he’s done with his day job. Araki constructs and paints objects that fit in the palm of your hand, and he builds complex scenes that fit on a tabletop. Miniaturized motorcycles, monsters, and tanks look deceptively enormous once photographed up close.

When viewed at the right angle, Arakis’ dioramas produce the illusion that they’re scenes from real life. His world often seems run-down or even post-apocalyptic – piles of trash, soggy boxes, and dilapidated buildings line the street.


Satoshi Araki Facebook page


Japanese soft drink commercial featuring a super-detailed 1/48 scale model kitchen


Laughing Squid:

To promote their new Salt & Fruit soft drink line, Kirin released this commercial featuring a highly detailed 1/48 scale model kitchen in a soft drink bottle. They also created an office, fruit stand, and other dioramas for the campaign.

Tiny Kitchen in Japanese Kirin Ad

Tiny Kitchen in Japanese Kirin Ad

Tiny Kitchen in Japanese Kirin Ad

Tiny Kitchen in Japanese Kirin Ad

photos via catchball


Artist Profile: MINIMIAM- Playful Mini Dramas By Photographers Pierre Javelle And Akiko Ida

Since 2002, gastronomy fanatics Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have been photographing a series of playful dioramas, called MINIMIAM, combining miniature figurines and various kinds of food.

MINIMIAM is an apt combination of the words miniature and “yummy“ (miam in French). The miniature dramas, featuring model train figurines and fruit, vegetables or sweets, introduce us to the lives of mini people of various vocations in their everyday situations. The photographers take the close-up shots of their scenes first, and then show us how the scene works in a bigger picture.

Through the MINIMIAM project, the two professional food photographers draw our attention to contemporary issues like global warming and our dominant relationship with nature. The main purpose of these mini dramas, however, is for the photographers to have some fun and make the viewer smile.

Check out this link:

MINIMIAM: Playful Mini Dramas By Photographers Pierre Javelle And Akiko Ida

Source: minimiam.com | Facebook


Bruce Lee estate presents Limited Edition 40th anniversary statue

The Bruce Lee estate is presenting a Limited Edition Exclusive 40th Anniversary Bruce Lee Statue, produced by Master sculptor Arnie Kim to commemorate the anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing.

Gold Version-Diorama bases are an exclusive limited edition run of just 100 pieces and the reverse of the nameplate can be engraved. The serial number will be laser engraved in the numerical release order.

Size = Approximately 15″ W (380mm) x 14.1″ L (360mm) x 28″ H (710mm)