Thai cat “adopts” litter of chihuahuas, protects them adorably

chihuahua cat top

RocketNews 24 (by Scott Wilson):

We may not all look alike, but we’re still family.

What’s better than cute animals? Cute animals doing cute things, of course!

Bangkok pet owner @yutafamily has been racking up tens of thousands of followers on Instagram posting pictures of their five chihuahuas… and adoptive cat-father.

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If you like what you’ve seen here, then check out the rest of yutafamily’s Instagram. There are thousands more pictures to satisfy any amount of cute-craving.

Dogs photograph their owners with beautiful, heartwarming results


RocketNews 24 (by Oona McGee):

These owners were in for a happy surprise when they discovered their dogs were their photographers in this professional studio photo shoot.

But what if our pets could photograph us? That’s the topic of a new ad from Mars Japan, who produces some of the country’s most well-known pet foods and pet care products. Enter the “Phodographer”, pups taking photos by pressing the shutter button of a specially modified camera.


Shaving dogs into cubes is a new Japanese craze
Dog lovers in Japan have taken grooming to a whole new level of strange by styling their dogs into perfectly trimmed and symmetrical cubes.

Japan, a country known for their love of turning everyday items and things into block form (see the ‘square watermelon’ for proof), are so taken by the craze that it’s proved a big hit at this Tokyo dog show.

We highly doubt the cubed pooches trend will take off elsewhere – but we love it all the same.

Check out these pictures of Japan’s answer to Crufts and more straight-edged doggies…

“Dogs Wearing Pantyhose,” a popular new meme in China


Two dogs dressed in pantyhose and high heels

Laughing Squid/Kotaku: 

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku is reporting that “dogs wearing pantyhose” is a popular new meme in China. He writes that Hong Kong site Sharp Daily has reported that users on the Chinese social network Weiboare uploading gag photos of their dogs wearing panty hose, joking how ‘sexy’ the mutts look.”

According to Chinese site Sina, “bored” people on Weibo started the meme. Apparently, Weibo user Ulatang, who noted that the pets rolled their eyes after getting dressed in pantyhose, uploaded the first “dogs wearing pantyhose” pic (above). That image has been commented on over 16,000 times in China.





Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog


Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog

Pantyhose Dog


Generous women in China make it their life’s work to care for over 1,300 stray dogs needing their assistance

Begging for Food

Laughing Squid:

Five very generous older women in the prefecture of Weinan in the Shaanxi Province of China have banded together to create the Weinan Dog Asylum, a shelter where over 1,300 stray dogs in the area are given food, a safe place to sleep, and other canine (and human) companionship on a daily basis. The shelter was started in 2009 by a woman who was 60 years old at the time named Wang Yanfang who wanted to help these dogs who would have otherwise been taken away and perhaps even destroyed. Yanfang and a group of her friends sought to do something about this and developed the dog asylum, which relies heavily on donations.

The ladies said they have been voluntarily taking care of the dogs for around six years as a way to save them from the pound, according to local media. Needless to say, looking after such a large pack of dogs is a lot of work. They have to wake up at 4am to prepare around 400kg of dog food per day for the hungry animals.


Meal Time

Caring for Dogs

All Gone

Trimming Nails

images via CCTVNews


Freezing Puppies Gather Around Stove On A Cold Winter Day And Bark Non-Stop For Chef To Light It

Bored Panda:




Some adorable pictures have surfaced of a bunch of chubby puppies in China who have been pictured huddling around a staff canteen stove to keep warm. According to the chefs that work the stove, the pups won’t stop barking until the stove is lit. They all live in Jiulongjiang Forest Park in Rucheng county in southern China.






Image credits: Quirky China News


Check out this link:

Freezing Puppies Gather Around Stove On A Cold Winter Day And Bark Non-Stop For Chef To Light It


Manga Artist Shirow Miwa Previews Cover of “Pacific Rim” Tribute

Shirow Miwa, known his work on the manga Dogs and with the band Supercell, has been letting his appreciation for Pacific Rim since this summer. Now, he’s gone all out with a preview of the stunned art he’s done for a Winter Comiket tribute to the mecha versus kaiju movie.

Check out this link:

Manga Artist Shirow Miwa Previews Cover of “Pacific Rim” Tribute

Also, his Bandai Cardass reversions of the Jaegers and kaiju…


Artist Profile: Aya Sakai photographs the adventures of her son and his best friend

As far as photos posted on Instagram go, they don’t get much cuter than this. Tokyo, Japan-based mother Aya Sakai has been charting the adventures of her young son and his best friend, which just happens to be a French Bulldog, using the popular photo sharing app. Whether they’re cuddling on the couch or watching tv on a cushion, the two just can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Ayasakai on Instagram and Facebook
via [Reddit]

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Artist Profile: Aya Sakai photographs adventures of her son and his best friend


What’s Uber’s strategy for gaining customers in Asia? One word: Puppies.


Uber is spreading rapidly throughout Asia and around the world, and as it attempts to conquer new markets, it must ramp up its marketing to attract attention.

But in this day and age of constant distraction, in which consumers are unceasingly bombarded with calls to action from any number of consumer tech brands, what can a startup do to ensure it gets noticed?

We should all know the answer by now. Puppies.


Today, Uber Taipei launched a promotion in which users aching for some puppy love could call for a vehicle that would deliver puppies on-demand to a specified location. Playtime lasted fifteen minutes, and required a NT$ 300 (about $12) donation to the Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization.


1464045_538026892949395_1754396749_n1460993_538026776282740_1046466601_n (1)

We like to track Uber’s savvy marketing efforts because the company has mastered the art associating its brand with all-things-cute and all-things-hip. Last July the company delivered free ice cream to its customers in Singapore. It’s also offered promotions with up-and-coming startups in Asia, such as Korea’s Between and Taiwan’s WhatsTheNumber. Of course, these campaigns mark deliberate efforts to lure in early adopter-types and spread virally through social media. And in this case, users get the benefit of supporting a good cause as well.

Uber arrived in Taipei last June, and since then has expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The company is valued at $3.5 billion.

Check out this link:

What’s Uber’s strategy for gaining customers in Asia? One word: Puppies.


Design: Architecture for Dogs


Inspired by the indoor life of many urban dogs, a team of Japanese designers have recently launched a new initiative to create transportation and play stations for our favorite canine companions. Aptly titled Architecture for Dogs, the project asserts 13 various designs to the world, from complex interwoven strollers to free-standing acrylic ‘houses’ – each of which was designed by premier architects like Toyo Ito and Kenya Hara.

Furthermore, blueprints and walkthrough videos for each design are featured on the site, allowing dog owners to build their own structures. Head over to the Architecture for Dogs site to explore the designs, and look for an exhibition of all the designs at TOTO GALLERY•MA in Tokyo.

Check out this link:

Design: Architecture for Dogs

architecture-for-dogs-14 architecture-for-dogs-13 architecture-for-dogs-12 architecture-for-dogs-10 architecture-for-dogs-09 architecture-for-dogs-08 architecture-for-dogs-07 architecture-for-dogs-06

architecture-for-dogs-05 architecture-for-dogs-04 architecture-for-dogs-02 architecture-for-dogs-01 architecture-for-dogs-15