Dominos is letting you place orders with pizza Emojis



Domino’s sure goes out of its way to make ordering pizzas ridiculously easy. In a recent Twitter announcement by the pizza chain, customers can now order themselves a pie by simply tweeting an emoji.

By tweeting the “Pizza” emoji to @Dominos, the restaurant will deliver a pizza to you. All customers have to do is sign up for the online Domino’s Profile and they can start getting easy-order pizzas. Once tweeted, Domino’s will send them a confirmation of their order and a pizza should be on the way.

CEO Patrick Doyle told USA Today that this process is the “epitome of convenience” and that the brand whittled it down to a five-second process.

The program will start May 20 and, according to the company, be here indefinitely.

Domino’s kinky Sriracha Pizza Ad is 50 Shades of WTF


This is a real print advertisement running in Israel for Domino’s Sriracha Pizza:


Created by advertising behemoth McCann Erickson’s McCann Israel branch, this ad pulls no punches (or spankings) with this disturbingly realistic tongue. Bound, gagged and surrounded by instruments of torture, it’s not clear if this tongue consented to this BDSM play.

But who needs consent in a world where Twilight fanfiction can become a best-selling, inaccurate novel about an already stigmatized community?

The advertisement was a rejected pitch to a franchise in Israel. Tim McIntyre, a spokesperson told Perez Hilton:

“It’s real. The ad was created and pitched by an agency to the independent franchise in Israel. It never ‘officially’ appeared anywhere, because it was ill-advised, unfunny and not brand-appropriate. In a word, it was stupid…[The ad is] being presented as something that actually ran in Israeli media. It did not.”


Domino’s India has a Pizza Slice Sandwich





Domino’s India is moving into the sandwich aspect of fast food with a new item that combines both pizza and patties. They’re calling them Subwiches as they sandwich together a protein patty between two slices of pizza dough. Sources say a drunk guy did not come up with this idea.

The Subwiches are sandwiches made with raw pizza dough thrown into an oven to cook. Because pizza triangles are roughly the same size as a regular slice of pizza, the Subwich resembles a sandwich made with two slices of pizza slammed together.

Domino’s is offering both chicken and vegetarian options. Patrons can order a breaded, chili jalapeño, three-bean patty (what a mouthful) or an herbed chicken patty. The Subwich comes with a spicy, creamy, pepper relish and a tri-colored blend of sliced bell peppers.

An individual Subwich is available for 105 rupees ($1.72 US). They’ll be available for purchase at all participating Domino’s India locations.