Japanese tourist gets lost in Windsor Castle, wanders into Queen’s private rooms

RocketNews 24:

Recently, all of Japan was very excited because Prince William made his first-ever visit. But back home in ol’ Blighty, the Royals had to deal with the aftermath of an embarrassing little security snafu at  that happened on February 12.

It seems that a Japanese tourist inadvertently wandered into some off-limits areas during a visit to the castle – namely, the Queen’s own private rooms. Her Majesty wasn’t home at the time of the intrusion, but the incident still prompted a wave of panic over the sightseeing interloper.

Armed police swooped in on the unarmed (except for possibly a camera and some sensible walking shoes) Japanese tourist when he accidentally went through an alarmed door to a restricted area. Reports state that the Japanese tourist entered an area used by servants and staff that connects directly to private apartments maintained for the use of the Queen when she is staying at the castle. Following investigation into the incident, it is believed that the door was left unlocked by accident.

The unfortunate tourist was then subjected to a full search and an interrogation before being released a short while later after security staff deemed him “not a threat”. Since the official terror alert level for the UK is currently set at severe (meaning an attack is considered ‘highly likely’), the incident left those involved with red faces and led to extra pat-downs of other tourists to compensate for the blunder.

▼ “Whoops!”

This isn’t the first time a commoner has gained access to the Queen’s Royal chambers – in 2011, a lorry driver managed to scale the castle walls and was apprehended by security less than 20 metres from the Queen’s apartments. And who could forget the Michael Fagan incident of 1982, when a man broke into the castle in the dead of night and actually woke up Her Majesty while she was sleeping.

Japanese netizens were quick to weigh in on the embarrassing incident, with many blaming their own countryman:

“Japan’s tourists, too, are idiots it seems.”

“Don’t go all the way to England just to make a fool of yourself.”

“I’m glad it was just a Japanese idiot and not a terrorist.”

“We Japanese are the country of ninja, so there’s not a castle built we can’t sneak into.”

“This is why Japanese people need tour guides when they leave their homeland.”

“I learned two things… 1), Japanese people are bumbling idiots, and 2) UK security isn’t as good as you might think…”

“Please forgive him, it was his ninja ancestry!”

“It’s unforgivable to sneak into a lady’s chambers.”

“At least lock the door, sheesh!”

“How do we know it wasn’t a Japanese spy?”

“When I was there they had Japanese on all the tourist signs and warnings. I guess he ignored them.”

“This guy shouldn’t be allowed to travel abroad!”


A Bathing Ape 2014 Fall/Winter Gold Face T-Shirt for Selfridges

BAPE‘s ape logo is one of the most widely recognizable graphics in streetwear. It was inspired by the original Planet of the Apes movies and has stuck with the brand since its inception in the early ’90s. The emblem has been printed as a caricature on numerous occasions, and has even spawned the miniature version, Baby Milo. Now, BAPE is bringing the classic design to the U.K. high end department store Selfridges. The exclusive tee features a metallic gold face ape across the chest.

The tee is available now at Selfridges while supplies last.

YR Store x A Bathing Ape Custom T-Shirts at Selfridges

Image of YR Store x A Bathing Ape Custom T-Shirts at Selfridges

Customizable fashion brand YR Store has announced its latest collaboration, one that will surely have HYPEBEASTs around the world going apeshit. Running through the holiday season, patrons of London-based clothier Selfridges will be presented with the unique opportunity to customize their very own premium cotton T-shirt with a range of exclusive BAPE designs as well as varsity-styled text and numbers that can be filled with a classic BAPE camo pattern of their choice.

To ensure the best quality, YR Store invested in a state-of-the-art live digital print process where consumers can get their tees printed in a matter of minutes, while visitors to Selfridges Birmingham and Manchester will have their item shipped the next day. With prices ranging from £100 GBP (approximately $161 USD) for adults and £70 GBP (approximately $113 USD) for kids, this YR Store x A Bathing Ape installation will be open for two months, from October 24 to December 24.

visvim (Japan) FBT JP HAND PAINT CUSTOM *Dover Street Market London Exclusive

Image of visvim FBT JP HAND PAINT CUSTOM *Dover Street Market London Exclusive


Fusing Americana styling with meticulous Japanese craftsmanship, visvim continues to strive each season with conceptual designs under the lead of Hiroki Nakamura. Coinciding with the celebration of Dover Street Market London‘s 10th anniversary, visvim has released a custom iteration to its popular FBT RENO JP available exclusively from DSM. Along with its craft leather lining, special cork insole and TPU heel counter, the sneaker see hand-painted polka dot detailing at its signature lapel.

Enjoy a preview of the sneaker here and stay tuned for more on pricing via Dover Street Market London’s webpage.


Image of visvim FBT JP HAND PAINT CUSTOM *Dover Street Market London Exclusive

Image of visvim FBT JP HAND PAINT CUSTOM *Dover Street Market London Exclusive

Opening Ceremony Shoreditch opens in Ace Hotel London

Image of Opening Ceremony Shoreditch Opens in Ace Hotel London



Opening Ceremony, the brainchild of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon has launched its newest location in Shoreditch, London at the Ace Hotel London. The label invited British designer Max Lamb to work the concept of the store and the resulting boutique features unique layout where floating rails are juxtaposed with raw, industrial materials.

As with the other Opening Ceremony stores, product selection encompasses both male and female collections as well as collaborations with the likes of Magritte and Belgian florist Thierry Boutemy. Finally, the store will also receive an exclusive delivery of the DKNY for Opening Ceremony collection, which will be releasing elsewhere on September 1.

Scroll through the gallery above and hit up the store if you’re in the area.


Opening Ceremony Shoreditch
106 Shoreditch High Street
London, E1 6JQ,
United Kingdom


Image of Opening Ceremony Shoreditch Opens in Ace Hotel London

Image of Opening Ceremony Shoreditch Opens in Ace Hotel London

Image of Opening Ceremony Shoreditch Opens in Ace Hotel London



‘More than 90 Percent’ of Hong Kong citizens long to return to British rule


RocketNews 24:


hong kong


According to a story in the South China Morning Post, more than 90 percent of Hong Kong citizens polled in a recent survey said that they wanted the region to return to British rule, stating that they fear much of what makes the region great will eventually be lost.

A British colony for 157 years, control of Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, making it the country’s first Special Administrative Region. It would seem, however, that many of its residents are far from happy, and wish to return to the days where the region operated independently of the People’s Republic of China.

In a survey conducted on its website on 12 March, the South China Morning Post asked whether, given the choice, Hong Kong residents would vote to return to being a British territory. Just 24 hours later, the results of the survey showed that more than 90 percent of those who responded said that they would prefer life to be as it was prior to Hong Kong being handed back to China.


▼ The landslide vote counted on the website.

hong kong chart


Concerns over food standards and the control that the Chinese government has over the freedom of information were cited as reasons for not wanting to be a part of mainland China, with some voicing concerns that were Hong Kong to continue on its current course, “[this freedom] will eventually be snatched away by the Chinese government, and we will end up like every other district in the mainland.

The debate is thought to have been sparked after 98 percent of residents on the Falkland islands, a small archipelago situated off the coast of Argentina, voted in a recent referendum to remain under British control rather than fall under Argentinian rule.



Check out this link:

‘More than 90 Percent’ of Hong Kong citizens long to return to British rule


A quick refresher on the difference between Macau, Hong Kong, and Mainland China…

The artist who created a super-helpful explainer on the differences among England, the UK, and the British Isles is back, this time with a primer on China.

If you’ve ever traveled from Macau to Hong Kong to mainland China, you’ll notice that your passport gets stamped every time. Each one has its own government, money, police force, schools, and even languages.

But Hong Kong and Macau are not their own countries, despite the fact that Hong Kong had its own team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Check out the video for the quick, correct, and funny explainer, which will make you feel a lot more confident about any future Macau, Hong Kong, or China references.