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Self-healing glasses on sale next year in Japan

RocketNews 24:

Starting on 1 January, 2015 Vision Megane will begin selling their strongest frames to date. Dubbed the Super Taflex, it boasts extreme resistance to bending and stretching and also claims to be able to heal itself from everyday dents and scratches within ten seconds.

This healing ability comes from the frame’s “cross guard coating,” which according to their diagram is like a springy chain link fence which pops back to its original shape seconds after small ebony spheres have hurled towards it. This ability is said to work against any scratch that might occur in daily life as well.

Of course, glasses-wearers are probably more concerned about damage to the lens than the frame, but this is still definitely a step in the right direction. These frames are also forged with a special material known as Ultem, which has been used in spacecraft parts because of its extreme resilience under stress while retaining a light weight.

Super Taflex frames will be available in four styles all priced at 22,800 yen (US$190). So for all you out there working in the small ebony sphere factories across the globe, your prayers will be answered in a mere mater of weeks.


Watch the handcrafting process of Archibald Optics in Japan

Archibald Optics is a London-based eyewear label offering high-quality frames through a direct-to-consumer model. We know this is nothing new anymore, but it’s apparent that Archibald does things a bit differently. The label works closely with Japanese artisans who hand-cut, shape and finish every frame.

Archibald gives us a look at the time and labor-intensive process that goes into each and every frame.