Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio 2013 Fall/Winter Collection


Onitsuka Tiger and Andrea Pompilio recently teamed up to produce their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Combining athletic and high-street influences, the lineup combines blazers with shorts and leggings and also introduces an assortment of original shoes and bags. The palette is mostly a somber blend of neutrals save for some sparingly applied metallics.

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Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

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UNDERCOVER (Japan) Fall/Winter 2013 L4203-3 Blouson


UNDERCOVER presents its punk-inspired take on the classic bomber silhouette in form of the L4203-3 Blouson. From the brand’s “anatomicouture” collection, the jacket retains the typical rounded shape and features a ribbed collar, cuffs and bottom hem. Staying true to the brand’s signature mixed material construction, additional details include pinstripe to give it the jacket a sophisticated aesthetic, leather sleeve sections, and a knitted sweater rear tail section.

The UNDERCOVER Fall/Winter 2013 L4203-3 Blouson is now available at HAVEN for $1,518 USD.

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UNDERCOVER (Japan) Fall/Winter 2013 L4203-3 Blouson



UNDERCOVER (Japan)/Nike GYAKUSOU “SENSES” Exhibition at X158 (Shanghai)


Following this summer’s #NatureAmplified display, Nike‘s Shanghai-based X158 concept space recently played host to a “SENSESexhibition highlighting the Swoosh’s ongoing GYAKUSOU collaboration with Jun Takahashi and UNDERCOVER. Featuring the latest fall/winter collection, the exhibition also includes a retrospective look at past designs from the Takahashi-led endeavor.

The Japanese running-centric “SENSES” is still on display now in Shanghai, so be sure to swing through and check it out if you’re in the area.

X158 Nike Shanghai
No.158 Xinle Lu
Xu Hui Qu, Shanghai

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UNDERCOVER (Japan)/Nike GYAKUSOU “SENSES” Exhibition at X158 (Shanghai)

undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-8 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-3 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-4 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-6 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-7 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-9 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-10 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-11 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-12

undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-13 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-14 undercover-x-nike-gyakusou-senses-retrospective-exhibition-x158-recap-15


Bounty Hunter Fall/Winter 2013 Accessories


Japanese brand Bounty Hunter follows up their collaboration with Paladin with a range of accessories for the Fall/Winter 2013 season. Heavy on the black side, the lineup rounds up a number of cold weather essentials, such as a fur-lined hat, a knit beanie, leather gloves and studded belts.

Perhaps most interesting among the offerings is the bandana face mask, an accomplished take on a winter necessity. Look for the collection to hit the brand’s online shop in the coming weeks.

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Bounty Hunter Fall/Winter 2013 Accessories

bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-15 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-17 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-18 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-19 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-22 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-20 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-21 bounty-hunter-fall-winter-2013-collection-23


Japanese brands Bounty Hunter and Paladin collaborate with Fall/Winter 2013 Footwear Collection


Japanese brands Bounty Hunter and Paladin have teamed up on some footwear for Fall/Winter 2013. The collaboration includes the Oxford Middle Leather Shoes, which is essentially a nice mid top black leather boot and the MC Short Suede Shoes, which is a more casual suede wingtip. Both feature Bounty Hunter branding, embossed on the heel and are releasing at Bounty Hunter stores and retailers this weekend.

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Japanese brands Bounty Hunter and Paladin collaborate with Fall/Winter 2013 Footwear Collection



IISE (Korea) Fall/Winter 2013 Buffalo Leather Collection


Accessories brand IISE has just dropped their Fall/Winter 2013 collection with the lineup featuring premium leather bags and accessories. Outfitted in soft Argentinian buffalo leather with antique nickel hardware, the range includes backpacks, weekender bags, wallets, a tote bag, pouch and a lighter case. A contemporary street interpretation of traditional Korean culture, IISE’s clean, luxe aesthetic translates across the whole range.

Starting at $15 USD for the lighter case and going up to $400 USD for the weekender bags, you can cop the goods straight from the source.

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IISE (Korea) Fall/Winter 2013 Buffalo Leather Collection

iise-fall-winter-2013-collection-002 iise-fallwinter-2013-buffalo-collection-003 iise-fallwinter-2013-buffalo-collection-004 iise-fallwinter-2013-buffalo-collection-006 iise-fallwinter-2013-buffalo-collection-009 iise-fallwinter-2013-buffalo-collection-10 iise-fallwinter-2013-buffalo-collection-11


L’Officiel Hommes China “The Professional” Editorial


L’Officiel Hommes China presents this sartorial tribute to Luc Besson’s 1994 action hit Léon: The Professional starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. Shot by Jun Liu, “The Professional” features Noah Mills dressed in pieces from Louis Vuitton, Damir Doma, HUGO BOSS and others as he accompanies and trains Mathilda to exact revenge. the editorial made its debut in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of L’Officiel Hommes China.

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L’Officiel Hommes China “The Professional” Editorial

fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-2 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-3 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-4 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-5 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-6 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-7 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-8 fucking-young-the-professional-editorial-9