Legendary kung fu actor Tien Feng passes away (1928-2015)


8 Asians:

Taiwanese and Hong Kong kung fu actor Tien Feng’s first movie was Happenings in Ali Shan back in 1949, and his last movie was Eros in 2004. During this half a century of acting, he’s worked with Jackie Chan on multiple films and was even in Fist of Fury with Bruce Lee.


The Bruce Lee Legacy Collection

Bruce Lee Enterprises, run by Bruce Lee‘s daughter Shannon Lee, has released “The Bruce Lee Legacy Collection.”

The box set includes four of the films that would make Bruce Lee one of the most important martial artists ever to grace the screen: The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, Way Of The Dragon, and Game Of Death, all on both DVD and, for the first time, Blu-ray.

Also included are three DVDs containing two documentaries: “Bruce Lee: The Legend” (and the original version “Bruce Lee: The Man, The Legend“), and “I Am Bruce Lee,” plus over two hours of bonus content exclusive to this set.

Shannon Lee: “It is finally here! We have been working with Shout! Factory and Fortune Star on this collection of my father’s Hong Kong movies and now it’s ready for you! The presentation, the pictures, the stories, and of course the movies are really top quality. I was very pleased with the end result.”