South Korean rapper G-Dragon visits photographer Terry Richardson’s studio


After visiting Terry Richardson’s studio in 2012,  South Korean rapper G-Dragon returns to team up with the controversial photographer once again.

In the candid images, the musician channels his boisterous personality for the snaps, wearing leather pants and an oversized muscle T-shirt. In the past, the rapper has worked with Giuseppe Zanotti to release an exclusive capsule collection and even DRx Romanelli, for a collaborative project along with YG Entertainment










Giuseppe Zanotti and K-Pop star G-Dragon are set to launch a footwear capsule collection

Italian luxury footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti has teamed up with K-pop sensation G-Dragon for a capsule range of footwear. According to a report on WWD, the forthcoming collection will keep in-line with the Korean icon’s penchant for flamboyant fashion, and will include unisex loafer and a lace-up shoe. Both versions will be available in black with multi-colored glitter embellishing the upper, which sits atop of a lightweight rubber sole.

According to the Italian designer, working with G-Dragon is “something that we wanted to do as he is currently one of the biggest stars in Korea with a huge following in Asia.”

G-Dragon himself seemed pleased with the collaboration stating “These shoes turned out exactly how I wanted to. It’s not just girls or women who get excited and worked up over pretty shoes. I think guys can feel that way, too, and I think both will feel that way about these shoes.”

K-pop phenoms 2NE1’s album ranks 6th on Rolling Stone’s “Top 20 Pop Albums of 2014” list 


 Audrey Magazine:

America has been a tough market for K-pop acts over the past decade, even with the success of “Gangnam Style” back in 2012. Leave it to the ladies of 2NE1 to “crush” that precedent.

Last week, Rolling Stone named 2NE1’s Crush, the quartet’s first full album since 2011, No. 6 on their list of Top 20 Pop Albums of 2014. Crush beat out some stiff competition, including Ed Sheeran’s X, Pharrell’s GIRL and Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour.

2NE1 was the only Asian artist to be featured on the list after Crush quickly jumped up to No. 61 on the Billboard 200 list after its release and became the highest-selling K-pop album ever in the U.S.

The album itself was no stiff,” Rolling Stone wrote. “In fact, it’s a canny downshift from the wigged-out ‘I Am the Best’ maximalist mash-ups of the past.”

In particular, Rolling Stone praised Crush for “Happy” and “Good to You” while singling out “MTBD,” CL’s solo track that sparked some controversy for its use of Quran quotes.

2NE1 has had a busy year in America. Since releasing the album back in February, they’ve made appearances on The Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model. 2NE1 and their fellow YG labelmate Big Bang have been consistently among the most recognized Korean artists by Western media for the last few years. G-dragon and CL, for example, recently collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo’s track “Dirty Vibe.”


Skrillex drops “Dirty Vibe” music Vvdeo with Diplo, CL and G-Dragon 

Photo courtesy of Idolator

 Audrey Magazine:

A growing anticipation was building over the weekend as G-Dragon and CL released preview images from the “Dirty Vibemusic video. Skrillex and Diplo have been teaming up lately under their alias, Jack Ü and more recently, they have been working in tandem with another powerhouse duo–G-Dragon and CL–to produce the song “Dirty Vibe.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.31.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.32.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.34.40 PM
This isn’t G-Dragon’s first time collaborating with American artists. His latest solo album Coup D’etat featured Missy Elliott, Sky Ferreira and Lydia Paek. For CL, this is the first of many collaborations set for her US debut as a solo artist under SB Projects management.

However, when Red Bull premiered the music video on December 12, 2014, the reactions ranged from utter disappointment to complete love for it.


Click image to watch music video


Neither Skrillex nor Diplo appear in the video and the focus is mainly on G-Dragon and CL. According to an interview he did with Redbull, Skrillex met with CL and G-Dragon in Korea and asked them to collaborate on a track that he and Diplo had been working on. Skrillex also claimed to have put significant input on the video’s artistic direction, though Redbull was the main producer of the video itself.

Despite many, many negative reactions, there were also a handful of fans defending the video:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.26.41 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.36.33 PM


According to SeoulBeats, “A common theme among the initial reactions to the song is that it does not showcase CL and G-Dragon’s respective skills, but it can also be argued that this is understandable because the song is essentially Skrillex’s, with the other artists simply featuring on the track.”

What’s for certain is that the “Dirty Vibe” track strays away from the iconic YG sound that fans have been accustomed to, and we can only predict that there will be more experimenting from GD and CL.

So what do you think of the song and video? What do you make of G-Dragon mostly rapping in Korean and CL mostly rapping in English? Watch the video here and make sure to comment below.


HYPETRAK TV: 2NE1 – No Boundaries

HYPETRAK caught the opportunity to speak with CL, Dara, Minzy and Park Bom of K-pop female quartet 2NE1 upon their first performance in Hong Kong, which coincidentally kicked off the “AON: All or Nothing” international tour.

Watch the above as the young women discuss collaborating with G-Dragon, their genre-bending brand of pop music, and their relationship with Skrillex.


The HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6 – G-Dragon’s Global Coup



Image of The HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6 - G-Dragon's Global Coup

How do you begin to describe someone like G-Dragon? To define him as merely a music artist, producer or performer would be to severely undervalue the South Korean superstar’s influence on multiple levels. It goes beyond just music. It reaches to broader creative spheres, extending into fashion and design. And while the interplay of music and fashion is nothing new, you’d be hard pressed to find an individual who has been generating the same buzz recently across both sectors of pop culture while also pushing the respective creative boundaries of each so heavily. What began as a South Korean “KPOP” music phenomenon has quickly flooded its own boundaries and exploded into a burgeoning global movement and into the North American market that is being built off of fashion, social media and music, while maintaining authentic elements of South Korean culture.

Otherwise known by his real name, Kwon Ji-Young, G-Dragon first rose to stardom through his position in the celebrated KPOP group, BIGBANG. Flanked by fellow group mate’s T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, BIGBANG started in 2006 amidst the digital golden era of South Korean pop groups.

Created by artist management and development powerhouse, YG Entertainment, G-Dragon was one of the frontrunners of the group alongside fellow BIGBANG artist and close friend Taeyang. Both members began their training for the limelight at age 11 – a common trend within the South Korean entertainment industry: start them while they’re young. G-Dragon was among a select batch of rising Korean music stars that were poised for a new surge in pushing KPOP abroad.

Fast forward to 2013, many people in the U.S. and elsewhere outside of Asia may loosely understand the concept of KPOP, which can be attributed to Psy’s phenomenal YouTube hit, “Gangnam Style.” While there’s no denying Psy’s stamp on the progression of Korean music abroad, his success was simply a culmination of the groundwork that others before him laid down. It was a breakthrough platform in front of an international audience that legitimized the identity and voice of a South Korean movement that had already been existing for many years. Psy was just a perfect storm of being in the right place at the right time with an amalgam of authenticity, marketability and a catchy song to capitalize on.

However, South Korean culture and KPOP has only recently started to take a lasting hold in areas outside of Asia. Could it be on account of Psy’s massive hit single? It certainly played a role. Is it the overall shift in the Western entertainment world looking to the Eastern markets for expansion? Most likely. Has social media played a major role? Undoubtedly. But, more so than anything, it’s a combination of all those things: a deeply rooted Asian fanbase that serves as a firm foundation, and the perfect platform and voice provided by the Internet and social media that has led to global recognition for the industry. And it is guys like G-Dragon who are spearheading the stateside invasion by carrying the full weight of South Korean culture and authenticity on their back, but in a way that is better tailored for the Western market.

G-Dragon doesn’t yet hold the same recognition in the U.S. as the likes of a Kanye West or A$AP Rocky – or even Psy for that matter, but his clout throughout South Korea and Asia is undeniable. Sold out arena shows, millions of fans across Asia, the list goes on. And his followers are loyal – extremely so. A quick glimpse at his Instagram profile and his army of roughly 2 million followers should give you a sense of the magnitude of his influence. He’s most likely the “next big thing” and virtually all the elements have been put into place, it’s just a matter of timing that will determine how receptive the Western world will ultimately be to G-Dragon. But the uncharted territory and uncertainty hasn’t compromised him at all. Instead of trying to change his music and completely recreate himself for the Western market, G-Dragon is forging his North American invasion on his own terms.

For the full interview, pick-up a copy of the HYPEBEAST MAGAZINE Issue 6: The Rhapsody Issue for $12 USD over at the HYPEBEAST Store.

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The HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6 – G-Dragon’s Global Coup

Image of The HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6 - G-Dragon's Global Coup
Image of The HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6 - G-Dragon's Global Coup


HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6: Behind the Scenes with G-Dragon Video


Over one week ago, our cover feature, G-Dragon, stirred up heated conversation after we dropped a cheeky preview, closely followed by an official announcement, for the latest issue of the HYPEBEAST Magazine. Dubbed the Rhapsody Issue, in reference to the overarching theme of “fashion in music,” the South Korean pop sensation has exceeded our lofty expectations as the face of the new issue and has quickly propelled our print publication in to the limelight.

To celebrate, we are offering never-before-seen footage from behind the scenes of the cover feature styling shoot. From the get go, G-Dragon’s eccentric personality shines bright and his quirky behavior offers a breath of fresh air, all of which is on display in the above visual. In addition, the timely launch of HYPETRAK‘s latest Music Essentials segment with G-Dragon puts the cherry on top of this release and can be viewed here.

Pick up a copy of the HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 6: The Rhapsody Issue now over at the HYPEBEAST Store for $12 USD and flick through the full G-Dragon feature article and styling shoot.