New gaming chair aims to be the ultimate in comfort for Japanese players

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RocketNews 24 (by Cara Clegg):

Japanese company Bauhutte has recently launched a new range of gaming chairs specifically aimed at gamers who are typically in front of their computers for long periods of time. Available in three colors and designed in the image of a car seat or cockpit to bring more realism to your gaming experience, the stable frame will support your posture for long hours at your terminal or in front of your giant TV.

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It features reclining and rocking functions and easy and convenient adjustment of angle and height. With the simple pull of lever you can set it to your desired angle or even recline it all the way back for a comfortable sleeping position that reportedly feels just like being in a hammock, perfect for taking breaks between games.

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Simple but impactful color coordination and solid and unique stitch lines aim to evoke a “near-future” design.

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Made with 100 percent polyester fabric, the seat offers comfortable support for your shoulders and back, and arm rests can be easily moved to facilitate gaming with either a keyboard and mouse or controller.

The chair went on sale in Japan this month for 34,000 yen (US$308) plus tax.

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Source & images: Bauhutte

Nintendo upgrades Super Mario Maker with keys and doors unlocking new game designs


‘A Gamer’s Journey: The Definitive History of Shenmue’ documentary trailer

Gamers nowadays instantly turn to titles like Grand Theft Auto V or Sleeping Dogs for open-world exploration action-adventure games, but back in the late 90′s this large-scale way of gaming just didn’t exist. Along came a developer named Yu Suzuki, a platform called Sega Dreamcast, and a game called Shenmue, which would go on to change the industry.

Hordes of adoring fans, a highly successful sequel, and a decade of silence later, Mr. Suzuki walked onto the stage of E3 2015, along with a $2 million dollar Kickstarter campaign, and publically announced Shenmue III will happen. Everything that was so loved with the past titles – the cinematic cut scenes, in-depth story-telling, innovative features like dynamic weather and day-night variations – may seem standard for what games should offer now, but fans all over the world are beyond excited for what Suzuki and his team have in store for us when the third game drops some time in the near future.

To whet our appetites, filmmaker Adam Sipione and Fauxpop Media release a trailer for an upcoming documentary titled A Gamer’s Journey: The Definitive History of Shenmue. The picture will chronicle the process and history of both the first and second game, along with in-depth info on how the games were conceived, how fans felt, their extensive history, and a closer look at the upcoming sequel. With the original Kickstarter goal of $2 million now currently doubled, Shenmue III and this documentary are not to be missed. Leave your comments below and share what you loved the most about Ryo Hazuki’s heroic adventures through modern Japan.

Nintendo set to develop games for smartphones and tablets

In a move that will surely have a polarizing effect among nostalgic gamers, Japanese video game maker Nintendo will soon venture into smartphone games. It will partner with Japanese mobile gaming production house DeNA to develop games for mobile devices that make use of Nintendo’s extensive portfolio of iconic games and characters in an attempt to “ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect.” The move comes years after facing increasing competition from other companies, including PlayStation maker Sony and Xbox maker Microsoft, who have been offering customers a mobile experience.

The cross-platform service will run across smartphones, tablets, PCs and Nintendo’s own devices, and is set to launch in fall of this year.

Sony makes Korean gamers’ dreams come true by finally giving them Metal Gear and Dragon Quest

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RocketNews 24:

Korean gamers and netizens are crying tears of joy now that Sony has announced it will be translating some of the most popular Playstation titles into Korean for the first time. This might come as a surprise for many considering the popularity of video games in Japan’s close neighbor, but for years fans of these series were deprived of the ultimate gaming experience in their native tongue. However, that will finally change this summer.

Described by many netizens as a “dream come true,” Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced recently on their official website and blog that two of the most popular series available on the PlayStation, Dragon Quest and Metal Gear Solid, will be localized into Hangul, slated for release in summer this year. This strategic move is accompanied by the release of the PlayStation 4, also localized, and was announced by SCE Korea CEO Shiro Kawauchi. Korean fans can definitely look forward to an epic summer of endless gaming.

This move by SCE Korea generated much buzz on social media, and netizens have expressed nothing but immense joy at this news:

“Currently, the most likable Japanese person in Korea is the CEO that announced the news.”

“I can’t believe this is happening in my lifetime!”

“Kawauchi actually shed tears and told the Korean users, ‘Thank you so much for waiting.’ What a great guy.”

“I am cancelling all my summer vacation plans to buy the PS4.”

Looks like Sony played their cards right this time. Not only are Korean fans super-hyped for the PS4, their CEO also shot to fame as one of the most popular Japanese people in a country where netizens are often hostile to the Japanese.


“Every Fighting Game Ever”: A Comedy Short about Freddie Wong’s recurring luck in fighting games

Filmmakers Freddie Wong and Clinton Jones of RocketJump battle it out in “Every Fighting Game Ever,” a comedy short about Freddie’s recurring luck in fighting games. Sometimes players who don’t know what they’re doing in video games get amazingly lucky. Other times, they get trolled by their opponent and die.

Visual effects for the short were created by Playfight with sound by Kevin Senzaki.


Target to offer ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ sale on PS4 games during console’s launch week


To celebrate the landmark release of Sony’s next-gen PS4, Target is offering a “buy 2 get 1 free” promotion for a variety of PS4 titles during the console’s launch week.
The retailer’s upcoming circular was recently leaked onto the internet, first appearing on Cheap Ass Gamer and then finding its way onto Reddit. The advert shows the following PS4 launch games Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, NBA 2K14, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and the original post on CAG mentions that all in-stock titles will be included.
The deal, which takes place from Nov. 10 – 16, offers a distinct advantage to gamers who are looking to fill out their next-gen library and not break their pocketbook.
Check out this link: