Interactive online map of Kyoto lets you toggle between modern day and the 9th century

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RocketNews 24 (by Casey Baseel):

If you’re a history buff, or time traveler, this could come in handy.

With all apologies to Nara, nowhere in Japan can match Kyoto’s reverent connection to its history. The city served as the seat of imperial power for centuries, most gloriously during the Heian period of the 9th to 12th centuries.

Walking along the city’s streets can sometimes feel like taking a trip into the past, and if that’s where you’re going, you’ll want a period-accurate map, like the interactive one developed by Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University.

Called the Heiankyo Overlay Map, the clever navigational tool (which can be found here) works with Google map’s data for the city.


Google chooses you to become a Pokémon Master on April Fools’

Google‘s known for its weird and wonderful April Fools’ jokes, but this year’s edition might be the best we’ve seen. Because it’s already April 1st in Australia and Japan, Google has introduced its “latest” build of Google Maps, laying down a “Pokémon Challenge” that requires you, a budding Pokémon Master, to discover and capture all of manner of creatures to fill up your Pokédex, simply by navigating to different places on Google Maps.

To start playing, make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps for iPhone or Android, hit the search bar and select “Press start.”

You’ll have to be quick though, you’ve got until 2am PT on April 2nd to catch ’em all.


Google rolls out 3D maps for Tokyo and other Japanese urban hubs

3D Tokyo in Google Maps


As ubiquitous as 3D city maps might be these days, they typically don’t cover Tokyo — quite possibly due to the massive size of Japan‘s megalopolis. Google, however, has just taken on that daunting task. Fire up Google Maps or Google Earth and you’ll now see 3D imagery for the greater Tokyo area, including landmarks like the Tokyo Sky Tree (that giant tower you see above).

The expansion also brings 3D to the major population centers of Chiba, Kanagawa and Sendai. We’d advise against exploring the entirety of Google’s enhanced Tokyo map unless you have a couple of hours to kill, but you can at least take a quick tour at the source link.

Check out this link:

Google rolls out 3D maps for Tokyo and other Japanese urban hubs