Justice League re-created as traditional Malaysian shadow puppets


DC Superheroes re-imagined as traditional Malaysian Wayang Kulit shadow puppets by Fusion Wayang Kulit!

Called the DC Superhero Wayang Kulit Exhibition, Tintoy Chuo and his Fusion Wayang Kulit first came into prominence when they first performed Peperangan Bintang (the direct Malay translation for Star Wars) back in 2013.




Artist Profile: Khoa Ho’s illustrated silhouettes of superheroes, highlighting their past and present


HulkThe Doctor – Hulk

San Francisco-based artist Khoa Ho has released volume two of his ongoing Superheroes – Past/Present poster series. It features illustrated silhouettes of well-known comic book superheroes that highlight their past and present.

Prints of Khoa‘s volume one and two posters are available to purchase online at Hero Complex Gallery.

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 Artist Profile: Khoa Ho’s illustrated silhouettes of superheroes

Captain AmericaThe Soldier – Captain America

ThorThe God – Thor

Wonder WomanThe Amazon – Wonder Woman

Green LanternThe Pilot – Green Lantern

images via Khoa Ho


Square Enix gets creative with their DC Comics VARIANT line of collectibles


Square Enix, the Japanese video game developer, publisher, and distribution company that is best known for its role-playing video game franchises including the Final Fantasy series, has some recent additions to their line of “Play Artscollectible figures. Teaming up with DC Comics, and getting the permission to come up with their own creative renditions of iconic characters, they have rolled out their DC Comics VARIANT line.

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Square Enix gets creative with their DC Comics VARIANT line