These $700 lifelike cat handbags are the latest fashion craze in Japan


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For the cat lovers in your life this Christmas: cat handbags… And no, they are not made from actual cats. The handbags made to realistically resemble cats by Japanese artist Pico are handmade from plastic, fake fur and spray paint, according to InStyle.

Getting one will cost you, however. The bags, which first gained the adoring attention of Twitter users, are only available through Yahoo Auctions Japan, where they can go for $700 or more.




Head Porter (Japan) 15th Anniversary “Tanker” Collection


Japanese staple accessories brand Head Porter celebrates its 15th anniversary with the release of a new collection. This range of bags draws influence from MA-1 bomber jackets, iterating the material and attitude of the iconic flight jackets. Handbags, tote bags and rucksacks have been outfitted with premium navy nylon at the exterior and lined with bold orange. The bags are wittily embellished with nods to the jacket’s subtle details, including the buttons and silver zippers.

Look for this collection from Head Porter on the brand’s web shop, with pieces starting from $107 USD.

Check out this link:

Head Porter (Japan) 15th Anniversary “Tanker” Collection