The Hundreds presents ‘Hobbies With Asa Akira’ : Blacksmithing

In the latest and last episode of this season of Hobbies With Asa Akira, the 2013 AVN performer of the year lends her petite frame to the hot and sweaty pastime of blacksmithing. Heading to Sword and the Stone in Burbank, California, Akira is taken under the wing of the affable Tony Swatton as he guides her through the entire process of making a lethal Hello Kitty dagger — from forging the steel and hammering the components into shape, to assembling the dagger and sharpening the blade.

The end result is a visibly shaken Akira and one of the most lethal interpretations of Sanrio’s popular feline-centered franchise so far. Catch up on the rest of the series over at The Hundreds’ website.

The Hundreds presents ‘Hobbies with Asa Akira’ (trailer)

Continuing with the onslaught of compelling editorials, The Hundreds‘ latest video series teams up with 2013 AVN female performer of the year Asa Akira. Following from the release of her memoir Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story which lets reader into her personal life and common misconceptions of the adult industry, this series titled Hobbies with Asa Akira  follows Akira on her downtime as she searches for a new hobby.

Dropping in on different artisans and athletes in Los Angeles, Akira tries her hand as a tattooist, taxidermist and boxer, amongst other creative roles. Hobbies with Asa Akira premieres Monday, April 6. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer  above for a sneak peak for what is to come