Sony introduces the LED Light Bulb Speaker

Sony has unveiled an innovative new product — its LED Light Bulb Speaker. The LED light bulb screws into your regular light fittings and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker which syncs with your smartphone, tablet or desktop to provide music wherever you also need light. You can control the volume of your music from your device, but also the brightness of the bulb, meaning that you can set the mood on the fly.

The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker will get an initial release in Japan on May for a price of ¥23,880 (approximately $199 USD), and will hopefully see a wider global release later on.

Samsung reveals Omnidirectional Wireless Speakers

South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has revealed one of its first one-piece omnidirectional wireless speakers. Offering room-filling sound, the officially titled Radiant 360 R7 has incorporated Samsung’s “ring radiator” technology which allows for sound to be delivered around a 360-degree radius without distorting factors such as treble and bass.

Fitting well into an existing ecosystem of advanced audio counterparts, the Radiant 360 R7 works with Samsung’s Multiroom App and is compatible with most of the company’s televisions and ‘soundbars.’ The Radiant 360 R7 is set to release later this month for around $500 USD and will be available to purchase from Samsung directly.

Samsung’s new ‘ring’ speakers pipe sound in every direction

Samsung WAM6500 portable speaker


Samsung has tackled just about every kind of speaker you can imagine, but it hasn’t had an answer to hot-selling 360-degree speakers like the UE Boom. Well, that changes today: the Korean firm has unveiled the WAM6500 and WAM7500, its first compact one-piece speakers to promise room-filling sound. Both center around a “ring radiator” that pipes audio in every direction while supposedly striking a careful balance between bass and treble. If you ask us, though, they’re as much about the “premium” styling as anything else. The portable 6500 (above) looks like the kettle from an avant garde kitchen, while the tabletop-oriented 7500 (below) could easily double as a 31st-century desk lamp. Samsung hasn’t divulged pricing, but these fashion-forward designs will likely command a premium.

On top of this, the tech giant is expanding its Curved Soundbar range to accommodate the wider range of curved TVs it has in store. The 6000, 6500 and 8500 series join the 7500 line, and they’ll give you curvy audio for sets in sizes ranging from 45 to 78 inches. If you splurge on the 8500, you’ll also get a “wider” 9.1-channel surround sound effect courtesy of three extra speakers. There’s no word as to how much these new soundbars will cost, although history suggests that you’ll find out shortly before they ship.

Samsung WAM7500 speaker

A closer look at the fragment design (Japan) x Beats by Dre collection

Technics (Japan) will relaunch in 2015

Image of Technics Will Relaunch in 2015


Once revered for its high-fidelity home audio systems before being rebranded under the Panasonic umbrella, Technics is slated to make its anticipated return to the market next year. To kick off this welcomed resurrection, the Japanese brand will introduced two lines: a high-end reference audio line and a new premium line.

The first, the R1 series, is a flagship line of Technics that includes a stereo amplifier with their JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) digital engine, a noise-minimizing Network Audio Control Player, and its floorstanding SB-R1 speakers. Its premium series, the C700, will also feature a similar, albeit better three-part collection, in addition to a CD player. For a closer look at its forthcoming releases, visit


Image of Technics Will Relaunch in 2015


Samsung Level Audio Collection

Image of Samsung Level Audio Collection
After previewing its line of premium headphones several months ago, Samsung has unveiled its full line of Level audio products. The line includes over-the-ear and on-the-ear headphones, earphones, and a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker.

Samsung’s Level Over looks to make an impact in the audio market by competitively pricing the product at $350 USD, while the On-Ear headphones come in at $180 USD. As for the in-ear wired earphones, they come in at $150 USD, while the Level Box speaker will retail for $170 USD.

The Samsung Level line is now exclusively available at Gilt for just under a week before it is released at retailers, including Best Buy on July 27.


Sony SRS X3 Portable Speaker


Sony have announced a new powerful, pocket-sized piece of audio equipment in the shape of the SRS X3 Portable Speaker. At just 18.5 cm wide and 6.5 cm deep, this diminutive speaker packs a punch far greater than its size might suggest, using an advanced internal driver to deliver punchy, room-filling highs and distortion-free lows for up to seven hours, completely wirelessly from your phone or other Bluetooth device.
A release date is set for June 21.
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Saturdays NYC x OJAS Speakers


Image of Saturdays NYC x OJAS Speakers

Saturdays NYC has once again partnered up with graffiti artist Devon Turnbull of OJAS for a set of limited edition speakers to commemorate the one-year anniversary of its Kobe, Japan location. We have already seen the two collaborate on footwear but it seems fitting given Turnbull’s background and degree in audio engineering. Constructed with a wooden casing, the speakers have a quirky but simplistic aesthetic that would be an elegant feature in any room.

The OJAS speakers are available here for $12,000 USD.


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Saturdays NYC x OJAS Speakers


LG SoundPlate puts the sound under your TV


While there are plenty of soundbars available for improving the sound of your home theater, most of them have to sit in front of your TV set or hang above or below it on the wall. The LG SoundPlate takes a different approach, by sitting underneath your flat screen TV’s base.

lg sound plate 620x344

The latest generation of the SoundPlate, the LAB540W measures just 1.56-inches-tall, and can handle TVs measuring from 32 to 55 inches on top of it – though LG hasn’t announced a weight limit yet. This design allows the speaker to have a much deeper enclosure for improved sound, plus it provides an integrated 3D compatible Blu-ray player and amplifier, which makes for a much cleaner look than if you had a standalone Blu-ray player and a home theater receiver.

The all-in-one system offers a total of 320 watts, and is a “4.1″ system despite having no rear speakers – so I imagine that it offers some kind of virtual surround tech. For room-filling bass, it uses a wireless subwoofer.

There’s no word yet on pricing or a release date for the LAB540W SoundPlate.

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LG SoundPlate puts the sound under your TV