20 of the best outfits seen at this year’s New York Comic Con


RocketNews 24 (by Phillip Kendall):

Check out these 20 cosplayers at New York Comic Con 2015:

1. Hulkbuster!

2Keith Estiler/Pixable

2. Goku and Master Roshi

12Keith Estiler/Pixable

3. Kapow-i GoGo

16Keith Estiler/Pixable

4. The Witcher’s Geralt and Ciri

18Keith Estiler/Pixablee

5. Conan!

17Chris Anderson/Pixable

6. Ginyu Force girl

15Keith Estiler/Pixable

7. Headhunter Caitlyn and Sejuani

14Keith Estiler/Pixable

8. I-No from Guilty Gear

2Chris Anderson/Pixable

9. Mortal Kombat’s Jade

20Chris Anderson/Pixable

10. Black Cat

19Keith Estiler/Pixable

11. Ratchet and Clank!

aHR0cDovL2Rrd2sydmh4dG55MjcuY2xvdWRmcm9udC5uZXQvd3AtY29udGVudC91cGxvYWRzLzIwMTUvMTAvTllDQ0EyLmpwZw==Chris Anderson/Pixable

12. Super Mario

13Keith Estiler/Pixable

13. Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi

9Chris Anderson/Pixable

14. Spider-Man?

10Keith Estiler/Pixable

15. Boba Fett

1Keith Estiler/Pixable

16. The hero of Hyrule!

8Keith Estiler/Pixable

17. Edward Scissorhands

7Keith Estiler/Pixable

18. ???

6Keith Estiler/Pixable

19. Marty McFly

5Keith Estiler/Pixable

20. Darth M!

5Keith Estiler/Pixable

Taiwanese toy maker presents a life-sized statue of the Hulkbuster from “Avengers: Age of Ultron” for $21,500 USD

With the upcoming release of Marvel‘s Avengers: Age of Ultron fast approaching, Taiwanese toy maker Beast Kingdom Toys presents a life-sized statue of the Hulkbuster figurine selling for $21,500 USD. Standing at an impressive height of nine feet and ten inches, the Hulkbuster figure is a movie-accurate depiction of Tony Stark’s special suit, which he utilizes to tame the mercurial Hulk.

Affixed onto a gray stone platform, the Hulkbuster statue features a built-in LED light system, adding to the realistic effect as a vibrant crimson and gold coating accentuates the detailed mechanical construction and aesthetic. Head over to Beast Kingdom Toys online site for more info and anticipate the theater release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1.