“150 Years of Japanese Uniforms” illustrated encyclopedia


RocketNews 24 (by Krista Rogers):

These gorgeous illustrations of workers’ uniforms over the past century and a half is sure to charm lovers of seifuku [uniforms] everywhere!

“Know its uniforms, know Japan.” That’s the tagline of the new illustrated encyclopedia 150 Years of Japanese Uniforms [日本の制服150年], which captures Japan from its modernization in the early 20th century up to the present through the garb of its working population.

With over 180 illustrations lovingly drawn by Naoki Watanabe, whose work includes uniform design proposals for uniform manufacturers, the book spans over 70 categories of uniforms from all walks of life, including flight attendants, JR train workers, postal workers, doctors, nurses, Shinto priests, miko [shrine maidens], carpenters, chefs, ama[female pearl divers], and convenience store workers, to name but a few. The softcover book was released on April 4 and is published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc., headquartered in Kyoto.

Let’s take a look at some samples from the 192-page guidebook:










Interested readers can order 150 Years of Japanese Uniforms from Amazon Japan, who does offer international shipping for this item, for 2,484 yen (US$23).

Artist re-imagines political bigwigs as fearsome mechanized transforming robots

transformers 3

RocketNews 24 (by KK Miller):

The leaders of countries are like super heroes on the political world stage to some people. So why not envision them as Autobots, the heroes of the Transformers franchise?

Artist Gunduz Agayev has transformed a number of the world’s political leaders with his art, mashing together heads of state with instantly recognizable vehicles from their country. The floor of the UN national assembly would be very different if everyone could transform into these alien robots.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin

President of USA Barack Obama

President of Turkey Erdogan

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Queen Elizabeth (United Kingdom)

Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei


5 ways to nap at the office, according to a Japanese wage slave



RocketNews 24:


We’ve all been there. Maybe it was an ill-advised night out the day before or a colicky newborn that wouldn’t sleep or just the shitty weather, we’ve all had days at the office when we wanted nothing more than to curl up and take a nap. In fact, it’s more of a need than a want as you sit there, staring blankly at your computer screen, unable to put a coherent thought together. But sadly, napping at your desk can be seriously uncomfortable, not to mention grounds for termination.

If you absolutely must grab a few winks and are willing to take the risk, though, Twitter user @sui_gin has helpfully illustrated some possible sleeping positions in manga style.

The artist says he drew the illustration after being asked how he sleeps at the office if he has no bed.




The positions are described as:

  • The ideal position: placing a mouse pad on top of a can of Red Bull is standard
  • The surrender position: for when your shoulders are really tired, sometimes I hurt my back
  • The anima position: for when your shoulders and back are really tired, the height of the books is really important
  • The orz position: for when your butt is tired, it’s really comfortable, but embarrassing if someone sees you
  • The peace of the wage slave position: this is the max for comfort and impact if you are seen. You can definitely sleep for hours in this position!

Artist Profile: Nagai Hideyuki’s amazing 3D illustrations



My Modern Met:


Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki has an incredible knack for seeing the potential for cool perspective drawings along flat surfaces. All he needs are some colored pencils, charcoal, and a few notebooks to create his amazingly detailed illustrations that jump off the pages in lively and entertaining forms.

In his playful 3D art, Hideyuki has drawn everything from silly monsters emerging from paper to a colorful Spiderman who is poised and ready for action. The artist focuses on strong lights and shadows and uses multiple notebooks propped and angled to produce his clever illusions of depth.

From a direct view, the drawings magically transform into three dimensional scenes but the truth is revealed upon a closer inspection from various angles.


Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Nagai Hideyuki’s amazing 3D illustrations


 Nagai Hideyuki’s website



Artist Profile: Fiona Tang’s large-scale drawings look 3D




Fiona Tang is a talented Vancouver-based art student who creates large trompe l’oeil optical illusion drawings.

Despite my parents disapproval, I have stuck to and fought for my art. I love sketching, to the point where I will catch myself looking at my surroundings as sketches. Art is not only my passion, but also my outlet and therapy; it always manages to cheer me up.”

via mymodernmet


Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Fiona Tang’s large-scale drawings look 3D

JuxtapozFionaTang05 JuxtapozFionaTang02 JuxtapozFionaTang00 JuxtapozFionaTang03 JuxtapozFionaTang01 JuxtapozFionaTang08 JuxtapozFionaTang07 JuxtapozFionaTang09 JuxtapozFionaTang06 JuxtapozFionaTang10



Artist Profile: Singaporean illustrator Sheryo presents her black and white works




Sheryo is a Brooklyn based artist from Singapore who paints imperfect gnarly characters that are calming to disoriented souls, and might cause skitter skatter explosions in the brain. She has exhibited and painted in LA, Seoul, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Mexico, Australia and Vietnam since 2008.

This collection of her monochrome drawings give a good example of the wild, urban imagery Sheryo has been pumping out in her street work.


Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Singaporean illustrator Sheryo presents black and white works

tumblr_m0dgdhO5ue1rpm1p5o1_r1_500 tumblr_mnzpi3mGwV1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_mjzd1a17GA1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_mux1dtlBLR1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_my2ngfsYeH1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_mi6z0y3Fpu1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_m0h262t0MV1rpm1p5o1_r1_500 tumblr_my2nl2yGHg1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_lzym2zIAWw1rpm1p5o1_r1_500 tumblr_mjzcrbisHg1rpm1p5o1_r2_500 tumblr_mi6zi47oWQ1rpm1p5o1_r1_500 tumblr_moix65Kskk1rpm1p5o1_500 tumblr_mhrg3tKLPB1rpm1p5o1_500


“Space Teriyaki”: Visions of space and the future in Japan, 1972-1985

A selection of scans from my collection of cheap 70s and 80s Japanese illustration books/catalogs.


Check out this link:


“Space Teriyaki”: Visions of space and the future in Japan, 1972-1985

Pater Sato magazine cover

Tatsuo Ikeda newspaper illustration

Yoshihisa Sadamatsu

Yoshihisa Sadamatsu

Sadao Sato, Skeleton for Martians

Shuji Tanase, 1982, Black Space

Noriyoshi Ohrai

Hitoshi Ikematsu book jacket illustration, 1984

Kazuaki Iwasaki, 1981

Masahiko Fuji advertising poster

Atsushi Yoshioka

Munechiro Uchimichi

Josuke Kubo, calendar

Hiroshe Konno advertisement poster

Jan. 2012 update: this artist also went by Hiroshi Manabe. See more on A Journey Round My Skull.

Akira Yata

Tatsuo Ikeda, illus. for book cover

Takashi Yamazaki cyber cycle 1985

Noriyoshi Ohrai

Masamichi Oikawa

Hajime Sorayama

Jan. 2012