Design: Beijing Tea House by Kengo Kuma Associates

UNITED ARROWS (Japan) x PROUD Furniture Collection

Mazda Bike by KODO Concept

KODO’ is the term that Mazda uses for its design philosophy, which refers to the dynamic poise of a figure before it jumps into motion. It’s with this ethos that the Japanese brand has released publicly adored silhouettes, from the ubiquitous Mazda 6 to more conceptual models like 2010′s Shinari.

Here we find the brand taking a different road, as it were, expressing this design language via a new bicycle. The Mazda ‘Bike by KODO’ concept explores two integral Mazda ideas – “RIN,” a sense of self-restrained dignity; and “EN,” an attractive sensuality – with a minimally-constructed track racer. The bicycle was meticulously crafted from a single sheet of steel, while the leather saddle harkens back to Mazda’s MX-5 sport coupe.

Considering the bike was released as a part of the brand’s “Mazda Design: The Car as Art” exhibition in Milan, we don’t imagine it’ll hit a velodrome near us anytime soon – but at least it’s nice to look at.

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Muji announces reduced pricing on over 650 items

Distinguished by its minimal designs that avoid waste in production and packaging, Muji has offered quality household and consumer good for the past 30 years. The Japanese retail company recently announced that it’ll be carrying out a permanent price cut on over 650 items in its U.S. locations. One in four products will be re-repriced. For example, notebooks will be marked down from $5.75 USD to $4 USD, clothing bushes from $24.25 USD to $18 USD.

The price reduction aligns with Muji’szutto yoi ne’ — Japanese for “always good price” — philosophy to always provide affordable items to its customers. While this is a common practice in Muji’s Japanese retailers, it is the first time Muji’s introduced this system to the U.S.

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