DENIM BY VANQUISH & FRAGMENT (Japan) x Gizmobies 2015 Spring/Summer iPhone 6 Cases

Following the release of a damaged tote earlier this year and last winter’s collaborative jeans alongside Hong Kong’s CLOT, fragment design‘s and VANQUISH‘s collaborative denim-based endeavor returns for Spring/Summer 2015, this time linking up with Gizmobies for a range of iPhone cases.

Designed for the iPhone 6, the new trio of hardshell designs come complete with prominent co-branding as simple white and blue designs are coupled with a distressed denim graphic.

All three can be found now on VANQUISH’s web store for ¥4,536 JPY (approximately $38 USD) each while supplies last.

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Keep your iPhone safe and retro-gamer chic with Famicom protective film

FI 2

RocketNews 24:


Nintendo’s Famicom, known internationally as the NES, celebrated its 31st birthday. While it may not have been the first video game console, the way Nintendo’s 8-bit system combined, for its time, high-end processing power, pleasing aesthetics, and user-friendliness elevated it to a level above both its predecessors and would-be rivals.

The Famicom was the sort of sweeping, segment-defining success that didn’t come along again until the iPhone took over the smartphone market. Now, you can combine those two iconic pieces of Nintendo and Apple hardware with a Famicom protective film for your iPhone.

Officially called the iRetro-FC, at first glance it may not scream Nintendo if you grew up with an NES, but the gold and crimson color scheme is clearly inspired by the Famicom’s iconic controller.


FI 8

FI 10


The film does more than give you old-school gaming cred, though. Made with 9H tempered glass, the covering will keep your screen from getting nicked and scratched as you swipe away at whatever game is holding you over while you patiently wait for Nintendo to finally start making smartphone games.


FI 1


The design is filled with subtle nods to Nintendo’s golden age, such as a pixely Apple logo, a microphone marking that matches the one on the Famicom’s player 2 controller, and the heart monitor-like jagged line that graced early Famicom cartridges before publishers started slapping illustrations on them.


FI 9

FI 12


The iRetro-FC sells for 4,860 yen (US$48) and ships in early August, which means if you’re keen to combine the technological juggernauts of Apple and Nintendo, you’ll be able to do so before the end of summer.

Manufacturer Spec Computer is currently taking pre-orders for the cases through its website here.


Japanese brands LOWERCASE and Porter partner for CANDYRIM Mobile Case

Image of LOWERCASE x Porter for CANDYRIM Mobile Case
Tokyo-based design company LOWERCASE has partnered with Porter for another travel accessory, this time in the form of an iPhone travel case for bicycle accessory manufacturer CANDYRIM. Made from durable 1000D Cordura fabric, the water resistant pouch sees a clear plastic iPhone compartment on the front, a main zip-up storage compartment in the center and a velcro loop on the back designed to secure your device to the strap of a bag or a bicycle frame.
Created with iPhone map users in mind, the case allows you to stay hands-free while navigating through streets and bicycle paths. The LOWERCASE x Porter Mobile Case is available exclusively at CANDYRIM for ¥8,400 JPY (approximately $80 USD).
Check out this link:
Image of LOWERCASE x Porter for CANDYRIM Mobile Case

A compilation of delectable iPhone cases from Japan



We’ve all the seen the amazing displays of plastic food outside restaurants in Japan. Sometimes they’re so detailed, it’s genuinely difficult to tell whether they’re real or not.

Well, if you’ve always secretly wanted to steal one of those food models to decorate your room, then you’re in luck, because someone had the great idea to turn plastic food into iPhone cases. We wanted to share this awesome compilation of fake food iPhone cases with you that look just good enough to eat.

Warning: no matter how hungry you are, do not attempt to consume these phones.

▼Now you can go from this…


▼…to this portable version!


Sweets collection: 

▼For everyone with an insatiable sweet-tooth










▼Classic Japanese Christmas cake






Japanese food collection:

▼These ikura, or fish roe, look incredibly realistic





▼Someone can’t resist trying to get a nibble…




▼This unagi, or eel, looks totally fresh and delicious



▼An oden phone, perfect for cold winter nights!



Image: tsukasasample

▼Classic “akamaru“, or “red circle”, Japanese flag-style bento



Western food collection:


▼Mmmm, cream stew! Or is that cheese!?




▼I wonder if it smells like bacon, too



▼My mouth is really watering now…



Chinese food collection:


▼Chinese-style ebi-chiri (stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce) is hugely popular in Japan


Check out this link:

A compilation of delectable iPhone cases from Japan