Reuters: Japan Display is building a $1.4 billion manufacturing plant for Apple

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The Verge:

Japan Display is building a new manufacturing plant in an attempt to become the primary source for iPhone displays, according to Reuters. Apple will also invest in the $1.4 billion plant, which will be used to build LCD displays, according to the report. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple will cover the construction costs for the plant, and in return get the majority of the displays it produces. Last year, Japan Display’s stock tumbled after it announced it would have to delay shipments, reportedly meant for Apple, according to Bloomberg.

The new plant, which Japan Display says will increase its LCD production by 20 percent — and hopefully help avoid those kinds of delays — is expected to open in 2016.


Japan Display promises 4K tablet screens that won’t kill your battery




If we draw an almost totally arbitrary line in the sand and call it “500 pixels per inch,” then smartphones now stand proudly on one side of it, while tablets still languish on the other. Japan Display is gently nudging the market forward, however, with the 4K 12-inch tablet panel we saw last year (which offered 365 ppi) and now with a 4K 10-inch prototype that delivers a much higher pixel density of 438 ppi.

Japan Display claims its 4K (3,840 x 2,160) screens have just the same appetite for energy as the regular 2,560 x 1,600 panels found in many tablets today. That means 4K slates could arrive at no cost to battery life, relative to current technology, leaving us with just the pesky financial and computational overheads to deal with instead.

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Japan Display promises 4K tablet screens that won’t kill your battery