Sony might take Beyoncé’s discography off TIDAL due to ownership dispute

JAY Z might have 99 problems, but Beyoncé and Sony are numbers one and two. Sony, who owns Beyoncé’s discography, is still in talks with TIDAL over the streaming service’s right to host its artist’s music. Reportedly, the Japanese conglomerate is asking for a huge sum of money from the service as a guarantee, and is threatening to take off Queen B’s content unless the amount is paid.

Ironically, Beyoncé is a co-owner of TIDAL and JAY Z’s wife, but it remains to be seen how this saga will unfold. Make sure to check out HYPETRAK for more music-related news.

CEO Andy Chen of JAY Z’s music streaming site TIDAL has stepped down

JAY Z’s music streaming site TIDAL is still afloat in recent news as CEO Andy Chen leaves and steps down from his title with Aspiro Group, the company that JAY Z recently acquired for TIDAL and WiMP. In light of the abrupt changes, former Aspiro CEO Peter Tonstad will temporarily be stepping in interim until the company finds a permanent replacement. The official statement reports:

TIDAL’s new interum [sic] CEO is Peter Tonstad – a former CEO of parent company Aspiro Group. He has a better understanding of the industry and a clear vision for how the company is looking to change the status quo. He’s streamlining resources to ensure talent is maximized to enhance the customer experience. We’ve eliminated a handful of positions and refocused our company-wide talent to address departments that need support and cut redundancies. TIDAL’s offices globally will remain and grow: we are already hirinig for several new positions now. We’re excited about our future and what’s in-store for fans who want the best listening experience.


Douglas Kim parodies Jay-Z’s “Young Forever” with “Forever Hyung” (music video)

Douglas Kim previously released his “I’m Asian American” music video and now he (and a bunch of friends) are back with “Forever Hyung”, a parody of the Jay-Z song “Young Forever”.

It’s a satire of recent media that has been released by Koreans about Koreatown, LA, serving as a sort of music video mockumentary. It features cameos of Joe Jo and Bart Kwan of JK Films, Yuri Tag, James Kyson Lee, Jun Kim, Peter Jae, Elizabeth Sung, Alexis Rhee, Nikki Soohoo, Christina Lee, Allura Lee, Steve Huang, and Lianne Lin.