Jeremy Lin: His Impact On Changing The Perception Of The Asian American Male


Great article on the Jeremy Lin phenomenon, and his impact. Here are some excerpts:

Most Asian male athletes of significance are either from AsiaYao Ming, Ichiro, Hideki Matsui, Manny Pacquiao — or those not primarily identified as being Asian — Tiger Woods, Hines Ward, Apolo Ohno, Johnny Damon

This is why the Jeremy Lin phenomenon has been so spectacular. While it does transcend race — his story is the perfect storm of underdog elements being played out in the media capital of the world — it does not exclude race. Lin is a breakthrough because the Asian American male has always lagged behind in cultural visibility and acceptance…

Ruth Chung, a USC professor who specializes in Asian American cultural identity:

“Males are seen as competition, and for Asian American men, their greatest threat to white males was perceived to be their intelligence, so it was always easy to stereotype them as being geeky and socially inept…

The greatest beauty in what Jeremy Lin is doing is that he fulfills an Asian American stereotype — he is smart, he went to Harvard, he works hard — and by doing so, he subverts another stereotype… 

If Asian men are going to be seen as intelligent, they have to be dismissed in other ways: Socially and sexually inept, not being masculine, and sports is often so wrapped up in a hyper-masculine identity.”

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Jeremy Lin: His Impact On Changing The Perception Of The Asian American Male