Giuseppe Zanotti and K-Pop star G-Dragon are set to launch a footwear capsule collection

Italian luxury footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti has teamed up with K-pop sensation G-Dragon for a capsule range of footwear. According to a report on WWD, the forthcoming collection will keep in-line with the Korean icon’s penchant for flamboyant fashion, and will include unisex loafer and a lace-up shoe. Both versions will be available in black with multi-colored glitter embellishing the upper, which sits atop of a lightweight rubber sole.

According to the Italian designer, working with G-Dragon is “something that we wanted to do as he is currently one of the biggest stars in Korea with a huge following in Asia.”

G-Dragon himself seemed pleased with the collaboration stating “These shoes turned out exactly how I wanted to. It’s not just girls or women who get excited and worked up over pretty shoes. I think guys can feel that way, too, and I think both will feel that way about these shoes.”

It’s shocking how much money K-Pop stars actually make


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To most Westerners, the world of K-pop stars (especially the dudes) looks understandably ridiculous. But hey, we don’t judge people on looks and cultural differences. Instead, we judge them by how much money they make — and damn, we never could have guessed that ultra-feminine boys in eyeliner made this much money.

The three major K-pop labelsSM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment (all very original agency names) — have reported record profits this year. Their clients are the hottest K-pop groups out right now and they each made this much in the first half of 2014:

SuperJunior — $28,491,105.00


Girls’ Generation — $27,796,200.00

Big Bang — $26,985,594.00
big bang

2NE1 — $25,253,338.00


When those numbers are doubled for a rough yearly total, each group takes away at least $50 million, which includes tours, brand deals, albums and everything else, though that’s still not a lot for a group like SuperJunior, who has to split their nearly $57 million between their inefficient 10-member money-making bandwagon.

No, it’s not quite Beyonce or Bieber money, who raked in $115 million and $80 million, respectively, in 2014, but the top K-pop groups earned more than stars like Rihanna ($48 million), Katy Perry ($40 million), Jennifer Lopez ($37 million), Miley Cyrus ($36 million) and almost as much as Taylor Swift ($64 million).

But before you decide to pack up and move to South Korea, slap on some mascara and join a boy band (also applies for girl bands), those millions really only belong to the most successful groups. The average amount that K-pop groups make is like the difference between Bill Gates and your current bank account. While they are making more money every year, the average take home is $42,940.91, which isn’t so bad if you consider a driving a Hyundai baller.


If you didn’t know that K-pop stars are pretty baller, now you do. You’re welcome.