Death by Karaoke… (Don’t mess with Asian musicians)

51-year-old Bobby Ray Carter Jr. (who was with his 27-year-old son Adam on vacation in the tourist town of Krabi, Thailand) was reportedly stabbed to death by members of a local karaoke band for refusing to stop singing.

The main attraction at the Little Longhorn Saloon is a live karaoke band that takes requests, and witnesses say that a drunk Carter got angry when the band played Hotel California instead of the song he requested, and he refused to step down.

The musicians then decided to take a break, but Carter continued hogging the stage, and refused to let anyone else have a turn. A fight then broke out between the musicians and Carter after the latter demanded his tip back from band members Carter, his son, and the band took their altercation outside, where Carter was ultimately stabbed in the chest with an iron rod.

He was pronounced DOA at an area hospital.

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American Tourist Killed by Karaoke Band for Refusing to Stop Singing