Ramen Burger hits LA with brick and mortar location in K-Town

Ramen Burger



The famous Ramen Burger has hit LA several times now, most recently at the DTLA Night Market, but it looks like Keizo Shimamoto is looking to make his signature creation a staple here in SoCal.

Ramen Burger LA’s new location will take over a walk-up window in K-Town currently known as Stall 239. The stall serves fusion style grub to night owls wandering the streets of LA but will serve favorites from Shimamoto’s menu, including his new Ramen Fries, during two soft opening events on July 5 (1:00PM-6:00PM) and July 13 (2:00PM-8:00PM) ahead of its August 1, 2014 official soft opening.

The location is fairly small so we’re assuming lines these next two weekends will be pretty long for the East Coast transplant. Hopefully Shimamoto gauges how to deal with the crowds before the first Ramen Burger LA location opens.



Ramen Burger to set up shop in Crown Heights




Keizo Shimamoto, creator of the Ramen Burger a.k.a. one of the most popular food hybrids of 2013, is looking to expand from his humble Smorgasburg booth to a more permanent location. Eater reports that a Ramen. Co storefront recently popped up in the Financial District of New York but don’t get too excited yet, this might only be the base of operations for Shimamoto’s business.

The Ramen Burger Facebook page does state that Shimamoto will make Ramen Burger a “full-time operation” this year and it looks like it’ll be sooner rather than later. Berg’n, a new storefront located in Crown Heights, will feature Smorgasburg’s beer hall, Brooklyn’s Flea Market and a food court housing four of Smorgasburg’s favorite vendors: Mighty Quinn’s, Asiadog, Pizza Moto, and of course Ramen Burger. Berg’n is set to open this March which means New Yorkers only have a few more weeks before they can get their Ramen fix any day of the week.

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Ramen Burger to set up shop in Crown Heights


New Ramen Burger Creations Include Pork Belly, Brisket, and Eggs



Ramen Burger creator Keizo Shimamoto is looking to tantalize hipster taste buds all over again with the introduction of new creations inspired by several of his fellow Smorgasburg neighbors. Shimamoto debuted three mouthwatering photos on his blog earlier this week detailing each new Ramen Burger.

The Adobo Shack Ramen Burger draws from Filipino influence with the usual wagyu patty replaced with pork belly braised in soy sauce and vinegar. It also looks like there’s some cilantro tucked into the sammie along with some hot sauce and greens nestled between those signature ramen noodle buns.


The Lonestar Empire Ramen Burger is an East meets West fusion with a thick cut of brisket over barbecue sauce and some fatty sliced pickles.


Shimamoto’s original “what-if” idea was the Breakfast Ramen Burger made up of eggs, cheese and sausage. Drool. As crazy as it is genius it was this morning mashup that originally led him to collaborate with other Smorgaburg vendors. Not gonna lie, that Breakfast Ramen Burger looks like something out of my wildest food dreams. No word yet on when these new additions will make their Smorasburg debut but there’s no doubt they’ll be just as delicious as the O.G. Ramen Burger.

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New Ramen Burger Creations Include Pork Belly, Brisket, and Eggs