Incredible “Bubble Art” by Su Chung Tai, Taiwan’s “Bubble Performance Master”

Laughing Squid:

Taipei production team Kuma Films takes a break from its usual fare to capture the amazing work of Su Chung Tai, a Taiwanese performance artist who creates some truly impressive pieces of bubble art. The “Bubble Performance Master” manipulates bubbles in some really astounding ways, including complex chains of up to 30 bubbles.


“Lord of the Ring”

Lord of the Ring” is a video by production team Kuma Films that looks at the amazing acrobatics of Taiwanese street performer Isaac Hou, who walks, spins, and executes various other maneuvers inside of a metal hoop. The ring is a Cyr wheel, a stainless steel hoop covered in PVC designed for circus and gymnastic performances.


“Formosa Freerunning” by Kuma Films (Taiwan)

Formosa Freerunning” by Taiwanese production duo Kuma Films takes a look at the world of freerunning, a parkour-like sport that involves the use of everyday objects as platforms for stunts — not unlike skateboarding without a board. The video features members of the Taipei parkour team Yun Bao Parkour.


‘Fingerboarding in Taiwan’: A look at people who skateboard using their fingers

Kuma Films, the two-man production that recently explored pen spinning and contact juggling, takes a look at the art of fingerboarding (see previous posts) with “Fingerboarding in Taiwan.

The wordless short highlights a handful of folks who have taken riding on a miniature skateboard with their hands to impressive levels. The fingerboarders here mimic skateboard tricks like kickflips and nosegrinds on small railing and stair replicas, acts that are especially impressive when the video is slowed down to highlight their intricacies.


Epic Pen Spinning: Writing instrument manipulation turned into an art form

Epic Pen Spinning” by Taiwanese production company Kuma Films features a day in the park with pen spinning pair Ian Jenson and PPM. The result is a set of tricks that takes the form of contact juggling far beyond the idle fiddling most of us are accustom to, with flips in the air, person to person transfers and full body contact.

PPM is currently competing in the video-based Pen Spinning World Cup 2014, in which he is a semi-finalist.