POP ETC: “Running In Circle” feat. Wushu master Sifu Chen Ying (music video)

Dig this kung fu flick-flavored music video for Running in Circles,” the supercool new song from Brooklyn indie pop/rock band POP ETC.

Starring wushu master Sifu Chen Ying, the video was inspired — complete with aging film grain — by the opening title sequences from all those old school Shaw Brothers movies.

How to Do Action Comedy, featuring Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan‘s comedic style needs no introduction, seamlessly blending action and comedy in his light-hearted kung fu films that have time and again enraptured audiences over the course of his decades-long career. However, as shown by Tony Zhou of YouTube channel Every Frame A Painting, that seamlessness is the result of no small amount of blood, sweat and an obsessive pursuit of perfection by Jackie Chan himself.

In this in-depth analysis of everything from the plot, framing, musicality and unadulterated ingenuity of his fight scenes, you will leave with a newfound appreciation of Jackie Chan’s mastery of his craft, as well as the areas in which American action films and editing techniques are still sorely lacking.

Enjoy the video above and check out the rest of Every Frame A Painting over here.