Epic lantern festival in Niigata rivals the Yi Peng festival in sheer beauty

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RocketNews 24 (by KK Miller):

If you are in Niigata this March, you can live out your Tangled fantasy with a breathtaking view of floating lanterns that rival the beauty of the Disney movie and the festival in Thailand that inspired the film’s iconic scene.

There is a spectacular sequence in Tangled, when we see Rapunzel make her way into a kingdom during its annual lantern festival. The scene from the movie was beautifully crafted, giving us a picturesque but seemingly impossible view of a truly incredible festival. Fans wanted to know if they could experience something like this in real life and the Yi Peng Festival in Thailand comes awfully close, so many have added the wonderful festival to their must-see list and have been flocking to see it.

But it turns out that people in Japan don’t have to go all the way to Southeast Asia to see a lantern festival of that nature; they only have to go to Niigata.

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Tsunanmachi in Niigata Prefecture has been holding a lantern festival since 2012, called the Tsunan Yuki Matsuri (“Tsunan Snow Festival”). This event takes advantage of the small number of tall buildings and electric lines in the area to send up paper lanterns over the course of the night with a grand finale of over 1,000 lanterns being released at the same time. The heavy snowfall in the area, much of which is still on the ground in March, creates serene and silent surroundings as tons of little lights to go floating up into the sky.

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The next festival will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at the New Greenpia Tsunan Ski Area (New Green Peer on Google Maps). There is plenty of free parking and entrance to the festival is also free, though you’ll need to shell out a little bit of cash if you want to send up a lantern yourself.

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If you find yourself near Niigata next March, you owe it to yourself to be in Tsunanmachi.


13th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival hits downtown L.A. March 1st

Angry Asian Man: 


Los Angeles! Join the Chinese American Museum for the 13th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival on Saturday, March 1. There will be food and live entertainment from the YouTube comedy duo the Fung Brothers, music from Connie Lim, comedy from our homegirl Jenny Yang, and beats from DJ Phatrick. The event is free.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening that day:

13th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival

Join the fun beneath colorful lanterns in the vibrance of Downtown L.A. for the Chinese American Museum’s free signature event. The 13th annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival brings traditional Chinese performances as well as contemporary Chinese American entertainment, music, food trucks with Chinese and Taiwanese-inspired snacks and beverages and, for the first time, a beer garden. At dusk, the lighted Silver Dragon will wind its way through El Pueblo de Los Angeles Plaza. Come and see rising Chinese American stars, including Internet sensations THE FUNG BROTHERS, popular singer CONNIE LIM, comedienne JENNY YANG, and dance to the masterful beat of DEEJAY PHATRICK. Children and their families will enjoy a wide variety of hands-on arts & crafts along with shadow puppets, acrobats, dancers, martial artists, and much more.

Presented by the Chinese American Museum and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument at the birthplace of Los Angeles and Old Chinatown

Saturday, March 1
12 noon to 10 p.m.

Chinese American Museum
425 North Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Located across from Union Station at El Pueblo Plaza)

LALF’14 represents a departure from commercially-based street festivals, with its primary focus on community-building and education. The free festival encourages the public to celebrate Chinese America and embraces CAM’s mission by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of America’s diverse heritage by sharing the history, cultural legacy, and continuing contributions of Chinese Americans.

For more information, including the full lineup, visit the Chinese American Museum website.

Check out this link:

13th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival hits downtown L.A. March 1st