Lightsaber kendo video brings Star Wars’ Japanese influences full-circle

We’ve heard a lot about Star Wars director George Lucas’ admiration for Akira Kurosawa movies and the samurai inspiration that spawned Darth Vader’s costume and helmet for the series.
Here we can see how the Japanese martial art of kendo, influenced the many lightsaber duels throughout the series.

Star Wars light-up “Chop Sabers”


Why play with your food when you can fight it instead? Japanese collectible maker, Kotobukiya, presents their new and improved fourth series of Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks or “Chop Sabers”. This newest version includes a special new light-up feature. That’s right, you can now do battle with your food with blades that actually light up.

The Lightsaber Chopsticks will be available in both Luke Skywalker Blue and Darth Vader Red versions.

Check out this link:

Star Wars light-up “Chop Sabers”