Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, and Lionel Messi for UNICEF’s 1in11 Charity Campaign


Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Official Commercial Featuring Lionel Messi

Fusing soccer, singing children, and Lorde’s (presently controversial) hit single, Samsung presents a new commercial for its GALAXY Note 3 and Gear.

Lionel Messi plays “The Developer” in this particular piece, arriving in an underprivileged neighborhood to complete a secret construction project. As the commercial progresses, the children of the neighborhood begin to sing the words of “Royals” by New Zealand teenager Lorde, which eventually turns into a harmonic chorus. Not unlike on the pitch, Messi conceives and executes his master plan, this time aided by Samsung technologies like Action Memo, Pen Window, and Scrapbook in conjunction with his GALAXY Gear. Enjoy the commercial above.