Grateful Dead x Medicom Toy (Japan) “Dancing Bears” Bearbrick

Medicom Toy has teamed up with the iconic American rock band Grateful Dead to present the limited edition “Dancing Bears” Bearbrick. The collectible bear is rendered in vibrant pink and orange colorways and features a happy face and jester collars, paying homage to the band’s mascot.

Available in 100%, 400% and 1000% sizes, the collaborative figures can be purchased for ¥1,500 JPY (approximately $13 USD), ¥6,800JPY (approximately $120 USD), and ¥32,000 JPY (approximately $267 USD) respectively.

Hong Kong toy designer Michael Lau collaborates with PORTER (Japan) for the 80th Anniversary “P8orter Boy” 12-Inch Figure

Esteemed Japanese luggage brand PORTER celebrates its 80th anniversary with the help of Hong Kong toy designer, Michael Lau. The multi-faceted Michael Lau reinterprets PORTER’s iconic mascot through his own lens and that of his ongoing GARDENER character series — something seen through both art and toys. GARDENER characters often include strong angular features and a fully poseable frame. The “P8orter Boy” uses the same dress and accompanying luggage that is often seen attached to the tags of Porter product.

A limited run of 800 figures will be available directly through Porter.


CNN Anchor can’t stop laughing at crazy Japanese mascot

Japan has more than its fair share of ridiculous mascots, ranging from the absurdly muscled pot sticker, Chaozu-kun, to the snarky Yoshida-kun representing the country’s least popular prefecture.

But of all the crazy characters, our most favorite mascot to ever represent Japan has got to be Funnashi, the jiggly yellow pear. Just one look at his rotund head and undulating belly, coupled with his somewhat creepy high-pitched voice, and you’ve got something so hilariously bizarre, even a professional newscaster for CNN couldn’t keep it together on live TV.

CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout was in the studio wrapping up a piece on mascots in Japan. Right before she was supposed to pick up where the Tokyo-based reporter left off, a clip of Funabashi City’s mascot, Funasshi, flashed across the screen.

So understandably, Kristie felt the need to laugh at the creature that could have only come from the minds of Japan.


Japan chooses Pikachu as the official mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

RocketNews 24:

Pikachu World Cup

The Blue Samurai, Japan’s national soccer team, will be fighting their way through this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament with the help of one of the world’s most recognizable characters. Adidas announced on Saturday that Pikachu, everyone’s favorite electrifying mouse-like creature, will be joined by 10 other Pokemon to cheer on the boys in blue.

The official promotional image features Captain Pikachu surrounded by Chespin, Bulbasaur, Pancham, Froakie, Meowth, Fennekin, Charmander, Helioptile, Litleo, and Squirtle . All Pokemon are dressed in Team Japan’s offiical kit for the matches.

The always adorable Pokemon will be right at home with Brazil’s official mascot for the games, an equally cute blue and yellow armadillo named Fuelco. It’s unclear how much of an advantage choosing Pikachu and friends will be, but it’s certain that come June, Japan will have the cutest team in the world.

Pikachu World Cup2

Pikachu World Cup3

Source: Soccerly via Joystiq

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Japan chooses Pikachu as the official mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup





A Bathing Ape adds another colorway to its MILO mobile cleaner arsenal, this time with a denim version to the screen-cleaner that doubles as a phone charm. The 6.5 cm compatriot of BAPE can be attached via a 3.5mm headphone jack insert or a detachable thin strap. Located on the bottom of MILO is a soft micro-cotton patch that can be used to wipe away finger prints — a whimsical detail that is sure to get a second glance upon using.

Retailing for ¥2,100 JPY (approximately $21 USD), the A Bathing Ape DENIM MILO MOBILE CLEANER MASCOT can be found over at BAPE`s online store.

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