McDonald’s Singapore introduces the Fish McWrap



McDonald’s Singapore has released a fish-inspired variation of their Chicken McWrap. You guessed it, the Fish McWrap.

Made with slice of tomatoes, single leaf lettuce and a fried fish patty. The McWrap is served in a flour tortilla with a spicy chili sauce. Essentially, it sounds like a Chicken McWrap with the protein swapped out of a Filet-O-Fish.

While US McDonald’s are cutting all kinds of wraps from their menus, it looks like the Singapore locations will feature them for at least a limited time.

The wrap itself will set you back $5.40. A little on the pricier side, but most seafood items are.


From McChicken to McSpicy: McDonalds Singapore offers sizzling chicken sandwiches




McDonald’s Singapore is launching their Spicy Challenge once again with the introduction of three brand new sandwiches to the fiery lineup. The new menu items range in levels of heat from Sizzling Citrus, which is essentially a McChicken topped with a green chili lime sauce, to Level 4 which is so hot that it hasn’t even been announced yet.

Level 2, the McSpicy, features a fried chicken thigh filet breaded with a “unique blend of sizzling spices” while Level 3 aka the Flaming Green Curry boasts a curry made of lemongrass and coconut slathered on a green curry chicken patty. Not gonna lie, that sounds all kinds of curry-licious. Especially if we can get some of that sauce on the side for our fries.

The mystery Level 4 burger is depicted as a sandwich covered in flames and comes with a caution attached to it. Though McDonalds is baiting customers by challenging their spicy integrity we seriously doubt the burger will be too hot for the average spice lover to handle.

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 From McChicken to McSpicy: McDonalds Singapore offers sizzling chicken sandwiches



McDonald’s Singapore Gets Lychee-Chocolate Frappe and Clementine Orange Mouse Cake




McDonald’s Singapore has just added to its menu the Litchi Coco Frappes and Clementine Orange Mousse Cake

The new Litchi Coco Frappe is the latest addition to their McCafé line-up and brings together the flavors of lychee with ice-blended chocolate. For a limited-time, the Clementine Orange Mousse Cake will also be available. The sweet treat layers orange mousse embedded with orange slices and orange-flavored cake. 

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McDonald’s Singapore Gets Lychee-Chocolate Frappe and Clementine Orange Mouse Cake


McDonald’s Singapore presents the Durian McFlurry

Durian is known as the “King of Fruits,” which is perfectly fitting, supposing the kingdom in question just happens to be a pointy sewer. Both loved and loathed all over Southeast Asia, the durian is a large, porcupine-looking fruit whose smell has been described simultaneously as “almonds, rotten onions, turpentine” and “raw sewage,” according to Wikipedia. It also happens to be McDonald’s Singapore’s newest limited time McFlurry flavor.

Available at all McDonald’s Singapore dessert kiosks (because apparently they have kiosks in addition to actual restaurants over there), the new Durian Crunch McFlurry features “a mix of vanilla soft serve, durian syrup, and what looks to be some kind of crunchy cereal,” according to Brand Eating.

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McDonald’s Singapore presents the Durian McFlurry