Titans attack Lawson convenience stores, bring tons of anime goodies with them

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Pokémon fans recently got some good news when word came that Pikachu will soon be taking over the city of Yokohama. It’s not just cute and cuddly anime icons running rampant in Japan this summer, though.

Next month, Lawson convenience stores across Japan are going to be invaded by the remorseless and/or skinless cast of Attack on Titan, and they’re bringing a staggering amount of merchandise with them.. 

Even with no news about the inevitable continuation of the Attack on Titan TV anime, fans of creator Hajime Isayama’s gritty epic have plenty to look forward to. On August 8, the14th collected volume of the Attack on Titan manga goes on sale, as do tickets for aNovember art exhibition focusing on the series at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo’s Ueno.

In celebration, Lawson is rolling out a huge number of Attack on Titan goodies, even by the prolific standards the franchise has already set for merchandising and marketing.

Let’s start with the edibles. Pastries, Danishes, and all other sorts of baked goods are a mainstay of Japanese convenience stores, and while we’ve got no idea what’s in the Titan Footstep Bread, we’re anxious to try it (unless it’s filled with the Titan’s favorite food, people).


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If you’re looking for something to cool off with during the summer heat, there’s a yogurt gelatin dessert that comes in a special collector’s glass. It’s an absolute certainty that the Levi version will sell out long before the Eren one.


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Ditto for these buckets of chocolate.


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If you’re worried that eating that much candy will make you a plump and slow-moving, and therefore an attractive target for the man-eating Titans, Lawson is ready with smaller-quantity indulgences like chewy yogurt candies and chocolate wafers, the latter of which come with a trading card.


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Similarly, these instant noodles come with one of eight stickers.


▼ We’re hoping the clerks at our local Lawson follow Levi’s example and start greeting customers with the Scout Corps salute.

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And of course, the Attack on Titan potato chips are endorsed by spud-loving Sasha.

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The downside to anime-themed food though is, obviously, that it’s gone one you eat it. If you want something more lasting, during the campaign Lawson will be selling Attack on Titan pins and magnets.


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Attack on Titan tissues come in two types, silly and dramatic.

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Towels only come in two varieties of wacky, though.

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We’ve got no idea what the contents of the mysteriously named Clean Up Box are, but we’re sure fastidious neat freak Levi would approve.

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Personal grooming is just as important as keeping your surroundings clean, so Levi’s face also graces the packaging for deodorant sheets, facial papers, and lip balm.

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Some parents worry about their kids spending all day reading manga and neglecting their schoolwork. The considerate Titans are willing to do their part in encouraging education though, with notebooks and erasers, and sticker-style index tabs.

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Or, if you’re more the digital type, Lawson is also selling a mouse/memo pad bundle.

LK 24


▼ Perfect for listening to your Attack on Titan opening and ending theme playlist.

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All of these items are offered for sale inside Lawson, and also provide points that can be put towards entering drawings for the even cooler Attack on Titan items below, like rubberized straps featuring the anime’s cast teaming up with Lawson mascot/best-selling fried chicken snack Karaage-kun.

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▼ It’s Titan time!

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The same illustrations also show up on the postcard sets.

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Of course, it’s not an authentic Japanese sweepstakes without clear files.


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We suppose you could use this towel for its intended purpose of drying your hands and face, or tie it around your neck like a scarf for the world’s laziest Mikasa cosplay costume.

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A few prizes still seem to be in the planning stage, like the stacking figure set and the poster signed by Isayama himself.

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Likewise, the figurines of Levi and Eren in their summer kimonos are just silhouettes at this point in time.


▼ They’re either standing on a stone path or a slice of pie.

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Still, we expect all of these to be ready to go by the time Lawson’s promotion starts on August 5, or by August 25, when it wraps up, at the latest.


Hello Kitty’s workload about to get even heavier with the introduction of Battleship Kitty


KC 5

RocketNews 24:


Hello Kitty’s lengthy list of endorsement contracts must be a source of constant pressure for her. The success of products as diverse as contact lenses, melons, and even fire extinguishers riding on her marketing appeal must be an enormous weight on the shoulder’s of Japan’s favorite feline.

Now, Kitty-chan’s about to add an enormous weight to her head, as part of a new tie-up with the city of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Along with its curry restaurants, Kure’s major claim to fame is its long history as a shipbuilding center. While it produces commercial vessels today, Kure was also the birthplace of Japan’s most storied battleship, the Yamato.


KC 3


Launched in 1940 and sunk five years later, the 263-meter (862-foot) Yamato stands as one of the two largest battleships ever built, along with its identically-sized sister ship the Musashi. The Yamato has since become a symbol of Kure, along with the subject of a museum located in the town.


KC 4


Like many other regions and cities in Japan, Kure has entered into a cross-promotional deal with Hello Kitty. A line of limited edition merchandise goes on sale late this month, combining the most recognizable icons of Sanrio and Kure in the most straightforward way possible.

Fans of all things cute or naval history can pick up Kure Hello Kitty cell phone straps, socks, pens, and memo pads, at prices ranging from 400 to 500 yen (US $3.90 to $4.90).


KC 2

KC 1


Officially, that’s a “battleship-shaped hat” on top of Kitty-chan’s head, and not an actual ocean-going vessel with a displacement of 65,000 tons. It still looks plenty heavy, though, especially in light of Hello Kitty’s profile that lists her as only weighing as much as three apples. She’s got to be exhausted after a full shift wearing it, but hopefully she’ll still have enough energy to hop on over to Hiroshima City and treat herself to one of those cream puff cones as a reward for a hard day’s work.

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Hello Kitty’s workload about to get even heavier with the introduction of Battleship Kitty