HK director Johnnie To’s “Drug War” debuts on DVD/Blu-ray…

From Johnnie To (Life Without Principle, Election), master of the Hong Kong crime thriller, comes the critically-acclaimed, action-packed drama Drug War (毒戰, Du zhan, 2012), debuting on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD October 15th from Well Go USA Entertainment.

“Cars are crashed, bullets fly, blood spurts, bodies splatter, and cocaine is snorted in this high-velocity tale of a drug cartel boss who, after being arrested in a raid, is coerced into betraying his former accomplices as part of an undercover operation.”

The film stars Louis Koo (Triple Trap, Accident), Sun Honglei (A Woman, A Gun, and a Noodle Shop), Michelle Ye (Motorway, Once a Gangster), Huang Yi (Legendary, Romancing In Thin Air), Wallace Chung (Forever Young), and Li Guangjie (Motorway, Romancing In Thin Air).

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HK director Johnnie To’s “Drug War” debuts on DVD/Blu-ray