Jealous Japanese girlfriend erases game from boyfriend’s phone, destroys relationship in process

RocketNews 24:

As a girl who has been playing video games almost since birth, it’s sometimes annoying to be pigeon-holed along with other girls who have no interest in or understanding of video games. As just another medium of entertainment – and one with vast scope for artistic expression at that – I’ve never quite understood people who claim that they “don’t get” games. That’s like saying that you don’t “get” movies, books, or music; there’s bound to be some genre out there for you! Still, it’s probably fair to say that more guys play video games than girls, and there are a lot of girls out there who really don’t like it when their boyfriends pay more attention to their games than to them.

Today we’d like to bring you the comic tragedy of a ridiculous couple in Japan whose relationship ended up in the toilet, all over something as simple as a mobile game

It all started with the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, aka Pazudora. Apparently, the jealous girlfriend of this story just couldn’t handle her boyfriend paying so much attention to something other than her when in her company, so while he was in the bathroom, she DELETED the app from his phone. But let’s not judge her before we’ve heard her account of the story, okay?

▼ Pazudora. It looks pretty addicting to us!

Here’s Jealous Girlfriend’s account of what happened, as posted on an online forum in Japan:

My boyfriend’s addicted to Pazudora, and he doesn’t even LIKE video games!

So, my boyfriend’s never been interested in games, but then a coworker convinced him to start playing. He’s mean with money, so I never expected he would spend money on micro-transactions or anything. He also gets bored with things easily, so I thought he would get sick of Pazudora straight away, too.

HOWEVER, one day we were out and he said “Get me this capsule toy”. So I got him the capsule toy, and it was like this yellow egg, and inside, was “Metatron”.

▼ Metatron, the sexy female character from “Pazudora”. Okay, we’re starting to see her problem. 

My boyfriend was like, “Oh, she’s a super strong monster” and seemed really happy with it. And so of course I was happy that he was happy…  at the time I had no idea that Metatron would be the cause of our breakup…

So, one day, I deleted the game.

My boyfriend had started totally neglecting me, so a madness overtook me and my finger just slipped. He got up and went to the bathroom, and I took the opportunity to quickly uninstall Pazudora.

Uninstalling the app was surprisingly simple. It took less than 10 seconds. 

When my boyfriend returned, I said, “Ta-da! Pazudora has been erased!” and his response was, “What? Why did you do that? I don’t get you at all! We’re finished!” Just like that, my boyfriend left my life, right before my eyes.

Did the time we spent together mean less to him than Pazudora? What was more important – the 500 hours he’d racked up playing Pazudora, or the entire  year we spent together?!


500 hours! Gone in 10 seconds! Ouch! Here’s what the online community had to say about this silly, silly story:


“Who needs a girlfriend who goes through a guy’s phone and starts deleting apps?!”

“Why would she say ‘Ta-da’, at that moment, though? That’s what I can’t understand…”

“I can’t understand how you could justify deleting things off someone else’s phone. She doesn’t even seem to feel guilty about it.”

“If he’d stayed with her after that, her behaviour would just get more and more annoying with time. He made the right call.”

“We don’t know how much money he sank into the game. Maybe it was out of concern for his finances?”

“A guy messes with a girl’s phone: ‘How dare you?!’ A girl messes with a guy’s phone: ‘What are you getting so upset for?’ Double standards.”

“It sounds like it took him about as long to break up with her as it took her to delete his app: 10 seconds. Ha!”

“Don’t blame Metatron…”


Historical Japanese swords turn into battle-hardened Blade Boys in new mobile game

BB 2

RocketNews 24:

These days, one of the quickest and most popular methods for stocking a video game with a cast of attractive anime-style characters is to pick a class of item and anthropomorphize the heck out of it. There’s currently no hotter mobile game than Kantai Collection, in which players command a fleet of pretty girls who’re all modeled after World War II-era Japanese warships. If naval history isn’t your thing, you can also find titles featuring comely cars and moe mushrooms.

There’s a new entry in the subgenre though, and judging from its all-pretty boy roster of characters, it’s been designed with female otaku gamers in mind. As such, it’s no surprise that the men of Touken Ranbu are all based on something long and hard…plus sharp, as they’re all anthropomorphized swords.

Smartphone game publisher DNN released Touken Ranbu, or Violent Blade Dance, on January 14. With such a warlike title and development being handled by Nitro Plus, the same unit behind busty anime mascot Super Sonico, you might expect Touken Ranbu to be a testosterone-dripping smorgasbord of boobs and swordfights, but the truth is very different.

In recent years, there’s been a surge of interest in historical samurai among young Japanese women, who find themselves drawn to their old-school stoicism and gallantry. More than anyone else, it’s for that demographic that Touken Ranbu’s cast of dudes with smooth facial features and elaborate hairdos was crafted.

BB 3

The game’s plot actually starts in 2205, when historical revisionists stage a literal attack on the past in order to alter Japan’s history. The player steps into the role of the saniwa, an entity with the power to awaken the souls of inanimate objects and imbue them with fighting strength. As such, it’s your job to transform the swords of Japan’s feudal era into an army of Touken Danshi, or Blade Boys.

▼ Mikatzuki Munechika, the Heian Era sword (left) and Blade Boy (right)

BB 1

Early reviews describe the game as easy to pick up and play, with a streamlined system for equipping characters with special items and simple combat system. While the player assembles squads of up to six members and issues commands to advance or retreat in battle, the Blade Boys will do the rest of their fighting more or less automatically.

BB 4

Female otaku in Japan are generally drawn to male characters with tragic pasts, and Touken Ranbu’s theme gives the creators ample sadness to mine. Since the cast all started as inanimate killing instruments, they’ve seen numerous deaths, oftentimes including those of their owners. A few were even used for seppuku, the samurai act of ritual suicide, and carry the psychological burden of having been party to the act.

BB 5

As a result, gamers can expect plenty of scenes in which they try to help the Blade Boys work through their emotional baggage. But while many games would use this as a springboard to a romantic relationship, Touken Ranbu keeps such rumblings of the heart low-key, which should help it appeal to the widest possible female fanbase in Japan.

By never definitively stating who the characters have a crush on, Nitro Plus can simultaneously appeal to the three major groups of pretty boy game fans, the fujoshi(who want to see the guys hook up with other guys), the danjo kapu mono (coming from danjo kappuringu mono, or “heterosexual coupling fans”), and the “dreamers”(who’d like to imagine themselves as the object of the affections of the hot guys on screen).

▼ Mixed in among the 19 sword-based characters announced so far is Otegine, who’s actually a Muromachi Period spear.

BB 6

The lack of explicit romantic content means that as long as they can get past the female-oriented character designs, heterosexual male gamers should be able to get some enjoyment out of Touken Ranbu’s story too. Serving as world view director and main writer is Yuri Shibamura, who wrote the script for video game-tuned-anime Gunparade March.

Also contributing to the project is Norimitsu Kaiho, whose previous credits include a handful of Guilty Gear games and episodes of mecha anime TV series Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.

Regardless of which facet of the game strikes your fancy, Token Ranbu can be downloaded here directly from DMM.

Korean illustrator gives Western fairy tales a whimsical Eastern makeover



RocketNews 24/Bored Panda:

What would some of our favorite Disney fairytales and Western stories look like if they had been conceived in Eastern Asia? Korean illustrator Na Young Wu has an idea – her illustrations feature Disney characters new and old reinterpreted through the prism of modern Korean cartoon illustration, also known as “manhwa” (the equivalent of manga in Korean).

Wu, who also goes by “Obsidian,”(@00obsidian00) on Twitter, is quite a prolific illustrator. She has created character illustrations for games such as Japanese mobile game Furyoudou~Gang Road~ and Korean production Age of Storm: Kingdom Under Fire Online.

It’s been a year since the release of the mega hit animation Frozen, but as much as some of us can’t wait for it to fade into the shadows, the icy queen and her Frozen empire are still staying put in the spotlight, as if the movie had only been released last month.

We previously saw Elsa and Anna looking glam in some beautiful Chinese dresses. Bet you’re not surprised that we found her donning a Korean hanbok this time! Some of you might be thinking, “RocketNews24 is writing about Frozen AGAIN”, but don’t roll your eyes just yet, because Elsa is just one of the many stunning East-West fusion pieces that Korean illustrator Na Young Wu has created. Check out her other Western fairy tale interpretations after the jump!

Furyoudou~Gang Road~



Although the girls she created for Furyoudou~Gang Road~ are an impeccable mixture of cute and sexy, it is her Korean manhwa drawing style that really brings out the unique atmosphere in her Korean-Western fairy tale series.


Alice in Wonderland

Little Red Riding Hood
red riding hood

Beauty and the Beast
beauty and the beast

The Frog Prince
frog prince

The Little Mermaid
little mermaid

Snow White
snow white

Head over to Obsidian’s blog or Twitter to see more of her fantastic illustrations!

A man fell down a massive hole in China and turned the experience into an iPhone game


RocketNews 24/Business Insider:

A man from New Zealand fell down a 9 meter hole in China, broke his back, and has just turned the horrific accident into a new slapstick mobile game.

Mark Major, 28, explains on his website that his scary experience inspired “Plummet”, which he hopes will be available for iPhone early this year. He tells Business Insider that he’s waiting for Apple to review his iTunes app and it should be due for release soon.

Major says he had no warning about the accident. He was walking past a construction site in Beijing when the earth just gave way.

When he woke, with a fractured spine, sore head, and broken pieces of plank all around him, his sole memory was the “free falling plummet”. He lay in the shaft an hour before being rescued. He adds that he suffered a “compression fracture” and while he’s now fully recovered, still endures pain and limited mobility in his upper body.

Major writes: “Seven years ago, things went very wrong for me when I fell 9 metres down a hole in Beijing, resulting in a broken back. It was an incredibly close call since about 7 metres down, there was a plank that I went crashing through. This crash slowed me down and was highly likely a lifesaver.

Quite remarkably, he’s now used the accident to make what looks like a really fun, colourful game. In it, users are thrust into Major’s harrowing journey and play as a cartoon version of him. Although, he concedes, he’s made his beard hair a little more ginger.



You guide me through a Beijing construction shaft as I plummet,” he says in a press release. “The hole is randomly generated so each turn is never the same experience. Awesome cartoon graphics are based on the real hole and myself.”

It’s controlled very simply: All players have to do is tilt their smartphone left and right to move the character; the further they fall, the higher the score. “Just watch out for the edges,” Major warns.


Major explains that he designed Plummet after losing his job. With time on his hands he decided to “make good art” out of “the most painful experience” of his life. He says he modelled the gameplay style of the notorious Flappy Bird and the ever popular Temple Run, with an endless game style that allows quick play any time — with the sole purpose of achieving a high score.

He sketched the initial cartoons himself and then enlisted the help of a Serbian designer and a Romanian app developer to build the game. It was finalised and posted for review on Dec. 30.

After being made redundant from Chorus Ltd. in NZ I built something based on the event. I was inspired by Tim Ferris’ book, “Four Hour Work Week”— and a blog post on Chad Mureta on the subject of app creation. I used 99designs and — it took 2 months to make.”

Major is now a self-styled entrepreneur and is releasing Plummet through his new company “Broken Back Games”


Final Fantasy Explorers announced for the Nintendo 3DS


Featured Image

Geek Exchange/ Brittany Vincent:

Final Fantasy Explorersa new mobile game from Square Enix for the 3DS, combines the familiar jobs you love with a multiplayer action-RPG system.

It’s been a fantastic week for Final Fantasy fans, and Square Enix continues to sweeten the deal with every new announcement. With the latest issue of Japanese video game magazine Jump, the developer revealed Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS, a multiplayer role-playing game where you seek out Crystals while eliminating a series of classic Summons who want to take you out.

Each player will be able to choose their own specific job, while playing a different role. They’re based off the already-existing specifications from previous Final Fantasy games, such as Black Mage, White Mage, Knight, and Monk. Player parties will consist of four players, and each person involved will have to use their own special abilities to make sure the Summons never again see the light of day.

Final Fantasy Explorers doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, but the rest of the year should have plenty to whet Final Fantasy fans’ whistles: With the announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as the free-to-play Final Fantasy Agito releasing for iOS and Android later this year, there’s never been a better time to be aFinal Fantasy fan. And let’s not forget about Final Fantasy XV, which will making, arguably, the biggest splash out of the entire rest of the stable.


Check out this link:

Final Fantasy Explorers announced for the Nintendo 3DS