Taiwanese-French-American ballet dancer Mickael Jou’s breathtaking self-portraits

Mickael Jou is a unique self-portraitist. A Taiwanese-French-American living in Berlin, he takes self-portraits combining two arts: photography and dance.

A trained dancer, I used to perform ballet and modern dance in the streets of Paris. Tourists would quite often photograph and film me in action in Paris, and after seeing the pictures taken of me, I decided that I should try it out. Ad so I bought a camera and read the instruction manual. 

My self-portraits help me express the emotions that I feel while dancing. Dance is a very powerful art form, and I try to translate my emotions into my photography.

Mickael plans to take 365 dance self-portraits and has already been working on this project for more than 3 years.

More info: Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram | mickaeljou.com

Photo source: mickaeljou.tumblr.com


enra: “Torque starter”

This is the latest dance video from Nobuyuki Hanabusa‘s Enra collective and you can’t help but appreciate how much talent is on show here—digital and physical. Hanabusa’s choreography and video experimentation combines live projection with talented performers who practice synchronization until they get it spot on.

Hanabusa is the founder of the Enra experimental dance collective who are based in Japan. Each of its artists is a highly talented specialist and it includes dancers, martial artists and jugglers. In 2012 Hanabusa worked with Enra and the Tokyo Olympic games bid team and directed a video that was part of the winning campaign.


Japanese Troupe Combines Dance And Light To Create Pure Magic

Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light, music and more, the versatile Japanese troupe ‘Enra’ has stumbled upon magic. Only a few months after wowing the Olympic Committee with “Fuma-Kai,” director Nobuyuki Hanabusa brings another fantastic piece of work with “Pleiades” above.