Get some Nintendo on your Sony with these PS4 skins

PS4 Nintendo

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As odd a concept as it may sound to some, had the 1991 deal between Nintendo and Sony gone off without a hitch, not only might the PlayStation brand as we know it today not even exist, but gamers the world over might be able to play titles like Super Mario 3D World and Wii Sports on Sony-made hardware. Instead, with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all vying for our hard-earned cash, console gamers are faced with a choice: choose a platform to invest in or live on nothing but baked beans for a year and buy them all.

If you’re a Sony fan and have already picked up a PS4, no doubt you’re as pleased with your purchase as we were with ours. But there’s no denying that Nintendo’s creations have a certain appeal to them, and few of Sony’s first-party characters could ever compete with Mario et al. Thankfully, third-party retailer LUCKY D has you – and your PlayStation – covered, as they’re selling sticker skins for PlayStation 4 featuring everything from Pikachu to Evangelion‘s Asuka.

We’ve seen all manner of limited-edition PlayStation 4 case designs since the console’s arrival just over a year ago. Besides the beautiful real-wood PS4, few have really caught our eye, though, and for those who picked up their console at launch it can be irritating to see alternative designs coming out just months later.

LUCKY D, however, has a solution. With their “PS4 Skin Seals” PlayStation owners can deck out their console with all manner of alternative designs. Nintendo fans especially will be pleased to learn that the Japanese retailer stocks two special skins which permit the unholy matrimony of Nintendo and Sony to take place, offering a sticker set featuring Mario and friends, and another which turns your PS4 into everyone’s favourite yellow lightning rat, Pikachu.

According to their Amazon JP listing, the stickers come in pieces, covering the PlayStation 4 console itself, DualShock 4 controller, and even the tiny touch panel on the controller’s front. It looks like the stickers wrap right around the PS4, too, giving the underside a splash of colour – something which those who stand their console vertically will no doubt appreciate.

▼ Mario and pals

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.01.09 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.01.22 PM

▼ Pika-pika-PlayStation!Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.01.38 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.01.47 PM


▼ LUCKY D is also offering this rather sexy Black Rock Shooter skin,

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.02.03 PM

▼ a tremendously cool skin featuring Asuka from Evangelion,

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.07.06 PM

▼ Boob pillow-cum-virtual idol Super Sonico,

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.55.02 PM

▼ and this Kantai Collection skin, which is sure to please fans of all things moe.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.02.11 PM

The skins retail for between 3,200 and 3,672 yen (US$27-31) on Amazon JP. We’re sorry to say that our favourite of the lot, the yellow Pikachu skin, is already out of stock, however, so you may want to bookmark that page and check back regularly. As for whether these things are officially licensed, or how long Nintendo will allow the LUCKY D to use their characters on stickers designed for a rival console, only time will tell, so if you’re looking to add some Nintendo to your Sony, you may want to move quickly.


What kind of otaku are you?



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Fed up with the overly broad usage of the word ‘otaku’, one Japanese Twitterer decided to divide otaku up into six different categories with varying levels and types of obsession. From the humble fan to the god of nerds, where do you fit in?


1. ‘Contents’ supporter

The word ‘contents’ is used in Japanese to refer to merchandise.

You collect the derivatives of your favorite works such as official novelizations, manga, and DVDs. In other words, you are a ‘fan’.



2. ‘Flat’ supporter

You watch or read what’s recommended, and enjoy it. But that’s it.


3. Event participant

Always in the pursuit of moe! You can be found at fan events, and online at Pixiv (Japanese online community for artists).

The original works are just a starting point for you. You’re part of the rampant doujinshi (fan comics) culture, and other otaku might think you’re living on a different planet.




4. Poster and figure collector

You have the most otaku-ish room. You prioritize visual fun, and you probably have no clue where half of the characters you’ve collected come from.




5. Devoted to anime, manga and games

You love the whole otaku culture! You’re always looking for the next great thing to get obsessed with.


6. Everything

You’re the economic god who supports the industry. We bow down before your stratospheric spending power.




▼ Here’s the original chart made by Twitter user @tadano_chan.


Source: Jin115

Check out this link:

What kind of otaku are you?


Otaku pro wrestler Tomoyuki Oka makes no apologies for blurring the nerd/jock boundary

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Tomoyuki Oka, Japanese pro-wrestler and all around tough guy, has already captured the hearts of an unlikely otaku audience by being very open about the fact that, despite appearances, he’s actually one of them. He’s recently released a promotional video where we can see the contrast between his  tough, physical side and his completely nerdy, anime-obsessed personality, but also find that there’s more synergy between the two aspects than might be expected.


Tomoyuki Oka stats

DOB: June 12 1991
Blood Type: O
Height: 184cm (6’1″)
Weight: 115kg (253lbs)
Loves: Pro wrestling, anime


In his 10 minute promotional video Tomoyuki reveals a bit about his journey to get to where he is now, as well as his hopes and dreams for the future. He started wrestling in school, and being bullied helped cement his resolve to become the strongest in the world. I get the feeling this guy had been watching a lot of shonen anime, and he even admits himself that anime protagonists motivated him to aim for the top. Now at university, he’s no less into his nerdy hobbies and has resisted pressure to stop draping his body in images of huge-eyed 2D girls, instead remaining true to himself and becoming an inspiration for otaku across the ‘Net.

And anime has even played an important part in his continuing journey from amateur to pro wrestler. At Comic Market 83 he went to a booth to pick up some goods from one of his favorite anime, Detective Opera Milky Holmes, a franchise created by Japanese producer Bushiroad who also happens to own New Japan Pro Wrestling, the second largest wrestling promotion in the world after WWE. It was through his love of anime and a twist of fate that he met Takaaki Kidani, CEO of Bushiroad, and felt compelled to audition to become a member of NJPW. It paid off, with Oka successfully entering New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2013 and going on to win the All-Japan Sambo Championships earlier this year.


You don’t see many guys down at the gym dressed like this, but maybe this is the beginning of a new trend.



Tomoyuki introduces some of his favourite anime goods.



▼ Moe! His love of the Milky Holmes franchise provided an unexpected inspiration for his wrestling career.



Tomoyuki lives in a tiny dorm room, yet still manages to cram around 500 volumes of manga into the cramped space.



He likens the ceiling above his small sleeping space to a planetarium – except with cute girls instead of stars, of course.



Ever ambitious, Tomoyuki is aiming to become stronger and more famous than any other Japanese pro wrestler.



I wouldn’t mess with him no matter what T-shirt he’s wearing!



People have told him that his anime obsession is embarrassing, but Tomoyuki is determined to stay true to himself.



▼ He ends the video by jogging off, powered by the sound of motivational anime music, and you can’t help but feel that the future’s bright for this rising star of wrestling.



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Otaku pro wrestler Tomoyuki Oka makes no apologies for blurring the nerd/jock boundary